Oh Well.. oh well, what an adventure!

Yep.. that’s the path I’m on right now.. everything seems to be focused on what is going on right now.. and how right now choices are going to play out in a year.. Lets just say, our Navy life could be finished, or maybe not.. without going into detail, all I know is this time next year I have a feeling my life will be totally different..  We should find out this week.  One path takes us on another 3 year tour the other takes us home to Wyoming to start the next phase.  I hate relying on other’s to make these decisions for us.. extremely frustrating!!!

  So.. I have been extremely lacking in the blogging department.. that includes visiting other’s.. I check in with a few here and there.. but mostly you can find me on Facebook.. seems to be my “drug” of choice for now!  I guess I’m just unmotivated to see all of the fun projects that everyone is doing.. since all of my decorating plans are in Wyoming!!  I didn’t even get out my Easter Decorations this year.. nope, nada.. sad huh?  I did dig out the Easter Baskets for my kids.. that was it. 

  Let’s see.. I feel another five years older today.. My son turns 16!!!  Really, am I old enough to have a 16 year old?  I don’t feel like it~  I feel like I could be 16 (mentally of course.. not physically!!)  He’s not getting  his licence yet.. he still needs Driver’s Education, but he’s on his way.  Both of my kids really have grown up this year.  I spent 3 days last week up on Orca’s Island in the San Juan’s with my daughter’s school.  Every year the 6th graders in our area go to Camp Moran.  It was fun, but it was really interesting to see my 12 year old interacting with her peers.. she’s just not a little girl anymore!  I do have some pictures.. Here’s one of just her.. it was a fun time.. the weather was gorgeous..

Ali at Camp Moran

Ali at Camp Moran


Here’s one of the Waterfall we hiked to…



And one of the girls Kayaking.. Their Favorite Activity!!



  The only thing I have worked on recently is a lamp.. it was a thrift store find.. all of it under $3.00~!!  It started out as a beautiful 80’s castoff – think Mauve and Blue.. and ducks.. lovely!!!  I forgot to take a before picture.. but here she is now in her loveliness! 

"New" Desk Light

"New" Desk Light

Soooo.. that’s what’s been going on in my little world.. catch me on Facebook if you like.. search for Cara McDaniel.


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3 responses to “Oh Well.. oh well, what an adventure!

  1. Hi 🙂
    The San Juan Islands are the destination of my dreams! I just know I wouldn’t want to leave once I got there!

    I know about life in the military…..crazy at times and frusterating along with the positives.
    I’ll be praying that things will work out and you’ll have peace 🙂
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. I hate having others’ control my fate as well. Drives me batty.

    Facebook has been my drug of choice lately too.

  3. Hey there Cara!
    Wow, Wyoming???? How do you feel about leaving the PNW??? Do you know anything for sure yet???

    What a wonderful time you had with your daughter, and I agree with you on the getting older but still feeling like a teenager inside! I feel exactly the same, my dear sweet departed Mother in Love, used to say she would get a huge shock when she looked in the mirror each morning, she was expecting a 18 yr. old not some wrinkled up old hag!! So I do believe we will always feel this way…

    Thanks for stopping and saying hi!
    Donna Lynn

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