What the???

First of all.. if anyone is still reading my blog.. I’m sorry I’ve been gone~  But in some ways.. not really~

Blogland has really overwhelmed me lately.  I started my blog to talk about fun projects, my kids, my husband.. an occasional recipe.  I feel like I’ve been reduced to “Keeping up with the Bloggers”  or checking to see if my blog was on the “right” blogrolls.   Sorry Folks, that’s just not me.  I’m just a plain old Navy Wife, just having a plain old life!  I don’t do a project every day.. or even every month.  I love to try new recipes.. but my husband would think I was crazy if I documented every step in bold color pictures, plus, then you would see that I taste for seasoning with my fingers!  My house isn’t perfectly staged every day.. I live here, my kids live here.. my dogs sleep on the couch and beds for goodness sake!  I sort of feel that I’ve gotten out of my element.. and I’m trying to get back to that.. whatever it may be! 

  So.. I was out in blogland today and ran acrossed a blog post that inspired me to come back to my blog.  She said what I was thinking.. to the very last period.  Thank You Rue

  I’m jumping back in.. wish me luck!


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7 responses to “What the???

  1. Blogging Without Obligation. That’s my motto baby.

  2. I loved this post! For one, I miss your posts – it’s like you are nearer to me when I get to “catch up” on what is going on with you. And two – AMEN, sister! My blog is meant for friends and family, not the general public. I am way too boring for the masses. Keep on postin’!

  3. Agreed wholeheartedly and PREACH IT SISTAH!

    Enough with the rules already, right?? I mean, c’mon, it’s not like the internet is REAL LIFE, it’s about SHARING our life.

    Good grief.

    /rant over.

  4. I’m with you! I’m not a decorator, I don’t have a grand home, and I don’t want to spend all day online. My life is boring, but I like it that way. Obviously that makes for fascinating reading 🙂

  5. I am coming out of lurkdom to say…Phew! What a relief that you are “keeping it real”. I can’t help but wonder how other bloggers “keep it up” everyday. I admire them but I marvel at how they do it and also balance everything else in life!!!

  6. rue

    Awwwww…… you are so sweet! I had no idea that was why you weren’t blogging much… I’m glad you are now 🙂

    Oh and in answer to jill above me… I actually have a REALLY hard time keeping up, which is why I didn’t see this post until now LOL Forgive me??


  7. tam

    I liked this one girl. I am right there with YOU! Trust me! I so can not compete my blog is just for me and it has no theme or purpose….it is just a simple little outlet for me. SO CHEERS GIRL for keeping it REAL. Btw …..I am just the OLD ARMY WIFE..LOL

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