Yeah.. you know it!

I AM the world’s worst blogger!!!  I know.. I’m sorry!  Let’s just say, it’s been a crazy month. 

  Lets just start, well, lets start the week before Thanksgiving.  My Mom arrived on Saturday.. all was well.  We took the kids down to Deception Pass (I guess it would be up, or maybe over.. I dunno..)  Here are some pictures that I took..







The kids and I

The kids and I


Me and Mom

Me and Mom

Oh yuck.. double chin, crow’s eyes.. whew, I’m feelin’ old!

  We had a fun time.. Jordan even walked across the bridge with our family friend Deb.

Deb and Jojo

Deb and Jojo

I didn’t walk the bridge.. it was soooo windy, and the bridge moves when it’s like that.. yuck! 

  So, we made it through the weekend.. Monday we went to the Twilight Movie.. I liked it.  I thought it was a fairly good interpretation of the book.. at least on the budget they had!  Did any of  you catch Stephenie Meyer sitting at the counter?? 

On Tuesday, Deb, Mom and I loaded up to catch the 7:30 ferry to Port Townsend.. we were off to FORKS!!!  It was rainy, foggy.. everything you’d expect!  An Edward kind of day for all of you Twilighter’s!!!

Forks Police Department

Forks City Hall/Police Department


Me, in front of Forks High School

Me, in front of Forks High School

(yep, I started that DIET right away!!)

Dr. Cullen's Parking spot.  There were people staring out the window watching me take this!!

Dr. Cullen's Parking spot. There were people staring out the window watching me take this!!



Bella's Truck

Bella's Truck

Fun sign.. They have a paper tacked to it that say's Twilight

Fun sign.. They have a paper tacked to it that crosses out logging for Vampire


That’s when my camera died!  Can you believe it????  Anywhoo.. the town is actually LOVING all of the attention (and revenue) that they are getting!  I bought Ali a T-shirt for her birthday and the little store gave us “Bella’s Survival Kit”  it’s an Antiseptic Wipe, Bandage, Triple Antibiotic Cream.. really cute idea.  We signed the Fork’s Guest Book.  There was a signature on our page from Japan!!  Of course, I can’t leave our Island without Drama happening at home.. Jojo texted me to tell me he’d been hurt in Gym.  He’d gotten hit in the eye with a badmitton raquet.  His eye was full of blood, and he couldn’t see.  So, the hubs took him to the Urgent Care.. and we are STILL dealing with it!  He has Tramatic Iritis.  The pressure won’t go down.. so he’s on Oral Meds, 3 types of Drops.. it hasn’t been fun!!  That is the main reason I’ve been so bad about bloggin.. just going to the Eye Specialist every other day, going back and forth to the school to put in his eye drops.. (they don’t have a full time Nurse..ARGH!!)  and the School.. well, lets just say they aren’t on my Christmas List this year.  They started covering their bases as soon as it happened.  The PE teacher wasn’t even in the room.. and she’s accusing him of goofing around.. it’s not been a fun 3 weeks!  His pupil is still cat-like and they don’t know if that will ever change.. the Dr. was  hilarious.. told him not to become a criminal, because he could easily be picked out in a line up!  A little giggle in a bad situation!

  But.. I did manage to get the house decorated.. only took me a week.. or more!  I will post pictures tomorrow.. I’m going to participate in Kimba’s Party..   I figured that would be a great way to drop myself back into the world of bloggin!  I hope all of you will participate too!  It will be fun to see everyone’s homes~!!

Then.. last Saturday it was Ali’s birthday.. I was only permitted to take a few pictures.. (she’s 12 now.. ugh!!)

opening gifts..

opening gifts..


blowing out the candles

blowing out the candles

So.. that’s what’s been up with me.. sorry to have abandoned my blog.. but hopefully I’m back!  I do say that a lot, but I’ve missed it!  See you all tomorrow for the tour of Holdiay Homes!!!  Happy Monday!!!


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7 responses to “Yeah.. you know it!

  1. Deception Pass so Totally Rocks!! We love that trek – it’s such a beautiful drive.

    Forks is prolly just like Roslyn (WA) – tons of folks touristing up to see the location. Sounds like fun. We went to Roslyn several times while they were filming Northern Exposure there. Coolio.

    I miss Washington and Oregon.

  2. Forgot to mention…
    Port Townsend is a favorite of ours too! There are some awesome little cafe/bistros up there 🙂

  3. Loved the pictures and the update on your life!!!

  4. Gina

    Happy Birthday to Ali. Your children and you are so cute. My double chin is much worse than yours. 🙂
    Sorry to hear about Jordan’s eye. How horrible!

  5. ZENA

    I have recently been seeking all over for this particular information. Luckily I came across this in Google.

  6. Bella

    всем привет я из ёбурга))))

  7. Bella

    всем привет я из екатеринбурга))))

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