Yeah, yeah, yeah.. I know~!

I’m once again, the bad blogger.. I mean, I’ve even logged in a few times to blog, then just sit there.. I just can’t think of anything exciting to blog about, then I think, does there NEED to be something exciting to blog about???  (yes, that was a run on sentence.. and I don’t care!- for a couple of my readers, you know who you are, Illana Hosley would give me a BIG FAT F on this blog entry!!)

  Anywhoooooooooooooo.. I bought some more stars.  I know.. did I really NEED to have 20 dollar store barn stars?  NO!!!  But, I’m painting the new batch Red today.. I have a scheme in mind that involves a lot of red and white for the Holidays.. I hope it looks as good in person as it does in my mind.  I’m hoping to sketch out what I want so that I have a plan for my Christmas Home.  I have a LOT of Christmas stuff.. like 7 or 20 bins of stuff in the garage.  In our old house I put up 2 big trees, on smaller kitchen tree, and the kids each have a tree for their rooms.  That was when my house was 2400 square feet.  NOW I’m living in 1245 poorly laid out square feet.  I have enough room for the tree (the one that has the broken base.. I have an idea for it, not gonna share it till I put up the tree) a kitchen tree (yep, OCD kickin’ it here) and the trees for the kids rooms.  Why do they have their own trees?  Well, it started out as a joke, because I’m not one of those.. “lets decorate the tree as a family” kinda gals.  I have serious control issues.  So, I bought them their own trees.. color coordinated to their room decor (of course) and they can decorate them however they want.  Its fun, really.. I tell them how much fun they are having!  I let them help a little with things; the Christmas Village, Stockings.. but when it comes to my tree.. well, I do it alone.   Oops, off task.. back to the decorations.  Last year I went a little overboard.. tried to incorperate MANY different things into a small space.  So, I figured if I have a plan.. I won’t (will try not to) go overboard.  We’ll see.  PLUS- I have to see what all of my bloggin’ buddies are doing.. things I may need to copy.. so, I need to NOT take out everything I own.  I do know I want a new Wreath for my front door.  I’m hem-hawing around about that one- I LOVE these From Ballard Design:

But then I see this one from Pottery Barn that I could easily do..

Outdoor Ornament Pine Wreath

I’m sooo torn~!   I’m sure that the round will win out, because I have 3 (perhaps more) plain evergreen wreaths out in the garage- end of the season clearance!  ALSO- I would love to find some fun fabric to make new stockings.   Of course I love the tradition of having the same stockings from birth to adult.. but, my taste has changed.. drastically!  I’m getting rid of the Cutesy Country stocking holders that I HAD to have about 8 years ago.. I want something else.   Any ideas?  What do you use to hang your stockings?  Do I even neeeeed stocking holders?  I mean, cuphooks work, right?  And they don’t get knocked off!  And.. they don’t have to clash with the “ideas” I have for the mantle.. hmmmmm…. And the stockings.. well, I’m not getting rid of them (I’m way to sentimental) but I’m not going to use them this year.  I want some red and cream toile or checks.. that is what I’m on the hunt for.  A friend and I are going to “the city” next Friday to hit the HUGE JoAnn’s, Michael’s and Big Lots, plus a couple of nice Thrift Stores.   Don’t worry.. I’m not going over budget, I sold a few things on Craigslist to fund my project.  I’ve been scouring the internet and have found lots of ideas for fun stockings.. I’m actually excited to get out my sewing machine!!   

  In other news.. Football is OVER!  Yeah!  My car is so happy it doesn’t have to trudge across town every day during dinnertime to pick up a carload of sweaty boys.  I will miss football games, but not the drudgery of football practice!  Its been a week, and already that boy of mine is bored!  He’s going to start hitting the weight room a few days a week to “get ripped” as he tells me.. lol!  He’s done with sports until baseball, so at least the weight room will keep him in shape.  And the girl.. she’s just busy busy busy being a Tween.  She’s involved in Girl Scouts this year, a very active troop, so that keeps her busy.  She’s also taking a babysitting course from the Red Cross since she’ll be 12 soon.  That’s the official age of babysitting here in our Navy World.  She couldn’t be happier to find a way to earn money.. she is going to be an accountant, I swear, she loves the almighty dollar! 

  Happy FRIDAY~~!!!



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3 responses to “Yeah, yeah, yeah.. I know~!

  1. Ummm… Gee, you’ve left me feeling a little speechless. Shameful as it is… I, uh, don’t actually, er, decorate for the holiday. Any holiday, as a matter of fact. I do put up a little 2 foot tree… but since my house is 5500 sq ft that’s probably a little substandard in your book, eh?

    Patrick tells me that my Scrooge Days are quickly approaching their end though – now that Henry is nearly 2.5. He’s pretty determined to get a regular life sized tree this year. But Youch! – 9 ft trees are $1000 – Choke, Sputter, Cough, Gag!!

  2. I liked both wreaths – I think a combo would be cool.

  3. Gina

    I love the last wreath best…it is adorable!! I can’t wait to see a pic of your tree. I need to learn how to sell stuff on Craigs list.
    The kids sound very busy!

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