From THIS:

To THIS!!!

For $3.45!!  Whoo hooo!!  I LOOOOVE projects like this!  Hope the Hubs likes it!


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6 responses to “Finito!

  1. Wow! love it! Did you use flat black on that?!

  2. Okay… so I’m starting to see a pattern emerging here 🙂 Flat black is big at your house eh?

    It’s great hearing from you… glad you’re doing so well. Can’t believe how big your kids are – mine are so little!!

  3. Looks great!!! Everyone should have a can of black spray paint on hand. :o)

  4. Those stars look GREAT!! I was going to paint a piece of furniture today after I got it all sanded and I am out of black primer…UGG! I sent my hubby to Lowes and Walmart and neither one of them had any so I will be out tomorrow on the hunt for the primer. When I am painting black anyway I want the black primer in case I miss any spots.

  5. tam

    LOVE your stars! The Snowman was CUTE and all but I really like the WHITE much MUCH better!

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