One more month.. need I say more???



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2 responses to “One more month.. need I say more???

  1. Now since I’ve read the book I CAN’T WAIT till the movie comes out! I am giving Twilight to my girlfriend (cause she will go to the movie with me) and I am off to get New Moon today. I can’t believe I had never even heard of this series until I entered blog-land and started seeing so much about it. You know EVERY ONE that has read it and posted something about it has LOVED the book!! Now, on to the next one………

  2. I’m back again too…!! That would absolutely be FABULOUS if all of the bloggers could go see it together. Think of the fun we would all have!! I know what you mean about reading the books over again. I am a fast reader when I am into something but I too was doing a lot of skimming to see what would happen next. I am sure that after I “skim” through all of the books I will go back and read them slower and probably enjoy them even more. I now have the next book in my hot hands but I can’t start it quite yet….cause I have a few things I need to do……..

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