My little boy…

went to Homecoming!!  Yep, I’m officially feeling old this week~  He went to the dance, and even had a date!  She’s the one on the right in the pink and black.. so cute!  Of course, I never got a picture of them together.. she had to go and set up at the dance, so he met her there~

the girls...

the girls..

 This is the boys.. all gussied up!

the boys.. notice the white socks!!!

the boys.. notice the white socks!!!

Here’s the coursage that I made for Jojo’s date.. I couldn’t find anyone in town that didn’t charge $35-$40.00!!  And they were pretty skimpy.. so I made this one.. $14.00!!!



So.. that’s pretty much what our weekend involved.. just working on homecoming!  Saturday and Yesterday we watched “Band of Brothers” on the History channel.  My husband and I have seen all of the episodes before, but they are sooo good!  I also made some Amish Friendship Bread this morning out of the starter that a neighbor gave me 10 days ago.  I used Pumpkin Spice pudding.  My house smells FANTASTIC!!  I stuck a couple of starter’s away in the freezer for the holidays.. just gotta find some more Pumpkin Spice Pudding!!!

Amish Friendship Bread

Amish Friendship Bread


Happy Monday everyone!!!



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5 responses to “My little boy…

  1. Mmmm…. bread! Yummy! I can’t believe you made that corsage for $14! Way to go. Your son looked handsome….did he have fun?

  2. Gina

    Awww Your “little boy” looks so grown up and cute. Pretty corsage and the bread looks so good!

  3. That corsage is beautiful! You could make a fortune selling those! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Nan

    How did he get so old so soon? I remember when he was just a little fellow you wrote about on our list. I love the pictures of everybody, and those dresses are all great!

  5. The kids are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! all of them!!! Ü The corsage is wonderful too.. I can’t believe $30-40 for one.. HA! I would have choked and made my own too.. LOL LOL!!! Pumpkin.. YUM!!!

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