What have I been up to???

Well.. not a whole lot!!  The weather up here has been hit or miss, so I’ve been doing a whole lotta nothing, and some blog stalking, and baking… basically just fall nesting I guess!  See the tree outside my window?

tree with leaves changing

tree with leaves changing

 That poor tree.. the wind has broken a branch..

And can you see the fog???

foggy fall morning

foggy fall morning

Its almost 10:00am and the fog is still thick~! 

When it’s like this outside, I just want to stay inside and do this:

baking biscotti

baking biscotti

here’s the finished product:

Orange Chocolate Biscotti

Orange Chocolate Biscotti

Hot Cocoa and a Biscotti anyone???

Anywhooooo.. I also did some stitching last weekend.. I was bored, the boys were playing PS3 all weekend.. what can I say?  Here’s what I actually finished!

family stitchery

I haven’t decided where I’m going to put it yet!

and this one.. it’s already found a spot on the Hoosier for now..

It’s here next to this cute Hen I found at Rite Aid for 5.00!! 

top of Hoosier

top of Hoosier

Sorry its so dark.. I even have lights on in my house!  The winter darkness really gets to me up here!  I walk around in the morning turning on lamps that stay on most of the day. 

Here’s the last one I did for Halloween.. cute!!

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!

Its hard to get a good picture to see the white thread on the candy corn.. but I really like how it turned out!

I also re-arranged the dining room/eating part of the kitchen.  I like the furniture placement, but I need to figure out what to put in that corner..  my old rocker is there now, but I’ve bumped into it about 25 times since Sunday!  I want to make a huge chalkboard to hang on the wall by the dreaded sliding glass door.  It just looks so plain in there.. I like a little clutter, so plain isn’t good!!

New dining arrangement

New dining arrangement


Here’s the other side of the room where the cabinet used to be.. the Hoosier is there now.



See.. that wall goes right into the living room, and that window, it’s 12 FEET wide!!  I’d love to do a mistreatment in there, but I’m not buying anything else for those windows since we are moving in less than a year! 

So.. that’s what I’ve been up to.  If you have ANY suggestions for the dining area.. leave me a comment.. please, you know I LIVE for fun comments!!! 

Happy Hump Day~~!!!



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7 responses to “What have I been up to???

  1. Gina

    It is foggy! Oh how wonderful that biscotti looks. I like to dip it in my coffee! I’ve never had homemade biscotti. YUM! I love all your decorating ideas and try to copy some of them. 😀

  2. Love that furniture, and how you have decorated! Would love some of that biscotti with my coffee right about now!!! Yum.
    Noticed your fog….it is 104 outside today. Yikes, a little too hot…
    Blessings, Debbie

  3. rue

    Hi Cara 🙂

    Your house dining room is darling and that Hoosier… OMG! I wish it was mine 🙂

    I think you just need to hang some pictures and you’re finished.


  4. Cara, my dopey computer would NOT let me comment yesterday. So… LOVE your samplers! I had the urge to make another today for about 10 seconds. Then I turned on the tv. ha ha I love all your decor… it’s so homey!

    Thanks for your kind words regarding my husband and Iraq. He’s been lucky so far… in his 15.5 years in he’s only been deployed once. Of course, it happened to be during the birth of our first baby, but what can you do?

  5. Oh we have days like that. Oy! I’ve never made biscotti – can you send me the recipe?

  6. Cara! I have been nesting too! I baked cupcakes yesterday, with a gooey cream cheese and chocolate chip centers, if you want the recipe email me, they are fantastic!!! Your biscotti looks great, may have to try that here pretty soon…

    We had a wonderful day yesterday, it was blue skies and sunshine all day, I had Diana Lyn over for her birthday and it was such fun! I will post about that soon.

    Take care and bless you this week!
    Donna Lynn

  7. Tam

    Ihi stalkindt you today and wow something way wierd with wordpress

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