Spray Painting Answers!!

Okay.. over the past few months, I’ve shown many of the Spray Paint Projects that I’ve done.  I’ve gotten a few questions on my technique and the products I’ve used… Soooo.. I’m gonna answer those questions today.  I’m not going to go back, because I get a lot of the same type of question worded differently.. so my steps hopefully will cover some of the questions.

My digi-camera is dead, so I’m using some pic’s off of google images and some that are saved to my computer.

First.. I look for the perfect piece to paint.  Its usually ugly, old and in dire need of some TLC. 

   Take for example this chair..  If I saw this and I was needing a chair I would bring it home.  The first thing I do is wash it.  I use a micro-fiber cloth and some dishwashing soap.  I wring out the cloth really well.  I make sure I go over the whole thing.  Then, off to sand.

 (Picture from this old house)  Depending on the finish, I may have to sand really well.. but usually I just sand to scuff up the finish.  It gives the new paint something to stick to.

Next step- tack cloth.

  I like this brand, I buy them at Walmart or Ace Hardware.. but any kind will do.  It gets alllll of the sawdust from sanding off of your project.

Next- Prime –  I use a spray primer

  I use the Cheap stuff.. 96 cents at Wal Mart. 

Then I wipe again with the tack cloth.. just to make sure.

Then I get out my FAVORITE paint.

  Color Place – FLAT Black.  I prefer flat paint.  Its much more forgiving, and the finish dries like craft paint.   Its also easier to use if you need mulitiple thin layers.  LOVE IT.  I think every color of spray paint should come in a flat finish.. I would use a lot more color this way.  I love spray paint, it just is so easy. 

Next step.. the finsh

Johnson’s Paste Wax.. I ONLY use this brand, and Wax is the only finish I use on my wood furniture.  It provides a strong finish, not shiny like a gloss finish, but not matte either.  It doesn’t seem to gather dust as much as my “poly’ed” furniture does.  I think its the best… I’ve even waxed the Hardwood floors in an old house with this and they turned out GORGEOUS!!  Wax is also good on Metal.. it keeps it from rusting.  My husband puts it on some of his tools, and I usually wax my garden tools before I put them away for the winter. 

Then I bring the finished project inside to enjoy!!

I hope this answered some of your questions!!!  Have a great weekend everyone!



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6 responses to “Spray Painting Answers!!

  1. You are good. You do much better prep work than I do. If I could spray paint over the dust and cobwebs I would. lol

  2. Gina

    Thanks for the lesson. You definitely do things the right way! Like Marie, I would probably not go to that much trouble and would end up with an inferior product. Good for you!

  3. Love the lesson! I’m so glad you posted it! I have this cute little end table that I found at a yard sale. It is so nasty, but I thought I would refinish and stain the wood. So I stripped of the old paint and underneath was not very pretty wood (worthy of staining). I remembered reading about your projects and I thought yeah, FLAT BLACK spray paint! Whoo hoo!!! That’s the direction I’m going. I’ll post the before/after pics when it’s finished. Thanks for your insipiration!

  4. Tam

    WOW….you have been busy! Spray Paint HUH…..I have an idea for some spray paint now thanks to YOU! Have a great weekend

  5. OK Cara… I have one tiny question. So, I’m working on my refinish project. I apparenlty didn’t let the flat black paint dry long enough. How long do you let your paint dry before you use the paste wax? I created myself a huge mess! Luckily it was just the drawer. 😀

  6. Beth

    Thanks for your tips and photos – awesome. After I painted and applied the wax, it didn’t buff off. It just turned to a nasty sticky mess. Did I need to wait after painting? Or maybe it was too chilly? I want to try other projects (this was just a text board thankfully) but I’m afraid now that I ran in to this problem.

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