Peeking through the windows…

Sheesh.. where does the time go?  I get ready to post, then someone calls.. “Mom, I forgot my lunch/cleats/PE Clothes” or “Honey.. can you do ________”  insert MANY phrases here!  Then yesterday Hubs comes home from PT late.. I just figured he got tied up in a game of 3 on 3 basketball or the CO needed something.. whatever, then I see him limping up the driveway.  He was doing crossfit (A type of training that uses endurance, running, etc) and he stepped off the curb wrong during a sprint.  Luckily his Medical Chief was right behind him.  He drove him to the hospital for x-rays.. no break, just a severe sprain is all they could see.  It looked like he had an egg stuck in his ankle it swelled so badly.  So, he was home ALLLLL DAYYYYY yesterday.  So, naturally, I got nothing done.  I had big plans to move the kitchen furniture around.  It is the MOST awkward room in our house, and I am trying to find a way to get my table under the chandelier.. not over to the side of it.  Annoying.. the joke around here is that the Housing office hires Design School Drop-0uts to design housing… I believe it.  I haven’t lived in government quarters where the dining room light fixture is where it’s supposed to be.  I mean, I can look at it and see that it’s centered in the room, but I don’t know anyone who, with the awkward layout, puts their table in the center of the room…  But, I ramble.. I didn’t get it done yesterday.. or really anything else.  Today I can’t because we are headed down to Everett for Jojo’s Football game early in the afternoon.  When I move furniture, I need time to put it in several places to decide what I like best.  Anyone else do this?  I haven’t really done anything else around the house but clean it, and re-clean it, then pick up the junk on the floor, then re-clean it again!  Nothing fun at all!  That’s why I was so inspired to move furniture!  Tomorrow is my day.  I may even move the huge beast of a china cabinet out of the laundry room in there.. that would be kinda cool.. to find a way to make more room by moving in even bigger stuff!!!  LOL!!  Seriously, I’m laughing thinking about it~!!

big BIG China Cabinet

big BIG China Cabinet

  I have been blog surfing a LOT lately.. I find myself at the computer for sooooo long!  Its truely an addiction.  My kids and hubs were laughing at me all weekend because I just sat and stared into other people’s windows (blog stalking).  We can’t go on a drive, especially at night, where I’m not peering into other people’s lives.. I’m not trying to be rude, really.  I imagine family gatherings, kids running around.. just like the movies!  So, it was so funny on Sunday, a lady stopped by to pick up her Pampered Chef order (I had a party a few weeks ago, she placed an order, but didn’t come to the party.)  She was so cute at the door, she said to me.  “I’ve always wanted to come into your house”  Imagine my suprise!  She continuted “I drive by here almost every day and I see your big red star and wonder what else is inside”  She was embarrassed, but I invited her in, and told her I do the same thing.. I’m always peeking into windows!  So then, my hubs has to tell her about the blog stalking.  She had no idea what it was.. or had even heard of a blog!  She ended up staying about an hour, where I introduced her to some of my favorite blogs~  She went straight home and started bookmarking.. she’s a new Navy Wife, and doesn’t have much.. and thought it was so cool to get idea’s online~!!  So.. thanks everyone for being an inspiration to me.. and to everyone who lurks around in cyberspace looking through your windows!!!



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5 responses to “Peeking through the windows…

  1. What a fun story! I love that you invited that wife in and showed her around the blogosphere! I spend way too much time looking at other people’s blogs too. I know I’m looking too long if I start having feelings of lighting my house on fire to start all over! Oh the things that I would do differently! And if it’s any consolation, the guy who built this house must have had a design school drop out work for him too!

    Hope your husband is back on his feet soon! What a pain in the ANKLE! :o)

  2. justaflipflopmom

    oh I love blog stalking.. and driving by peoples homes and wondering what they look like… or who lives in them.. or have you ever driven through a small town that you are not aware of at all.. and wonder where the people work…if they go to church?? Have the homes been in the family??? I love how to see other’s decorate!!

  3. Gina

    Funny! I love to look in people’s houses at night when we’re driving by and see their furniture/decorating. hehe You would be surprised how many people leave their blinds open after dark. I close mine…always afraid someone is looking in. Someone like me I guess. 🙂
    I spend hours on the computer too. Reading other’s blogs is like seeing how so many people live. So interesting.

  4. too funny! I hope your husband is OK!! I will be saying a prayer for him.

    I too am a HUGE blog stocker! ( here right?) its my drug of choice for sure! my family makes fun of me too, but I have built some really amazing friendships and I truly cherrish all of my readers! 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. I’m glad you think it’s funny, sometimes I wonder who I’m offending today. 🙂

    I use to live in Whidbey Island. Short short time. My husband was from there.

    Digin that black hutch! I might steel that idea with the chicken wire. I thought about doing that to mine but I was scared it would look weird. Now that I have seen yours I might just start bustin out panels!

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