Things I learned from Napoleon Dynamite

Since there isn’t anything on tv tonight.. I’m watching Napoleon Dynamite on tv.  I’ve watched this movie a few times.. its so stupid-funny.. I just laugh every time.  So, I decided to compile a list of things that can be learned from Napoleon.

1.  The “fun pack” of chips really is expensive.

2. People should never name their kids Napoleon or Rico

3.  80’s music stands the test of time..

4. Side Ponytails, Girboud Jeans and Moon Boots were all bad fashion choices.

5. People in this world really say “Oh My Heck”  Its true.. they do.  And if its really bad, they replace the Heck with Crap.

6. Pedro is cool (well, sorta.. )

7. If you can, definitely.. dance in your moon boots in front of your whole school (or wherever) because if you really want to make a name for yourself, no one would ever forget you..



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5 responses to “Things I learned from Napoleon Dynamite

  1. I tried watching this movie once. I had to turn it off half way through. I’m not even sure I made it half way through, actually. It was BAD. lol I’m always surprised how many people like it. lol

  2. I LOVE that movie….you created a great list. cherry

  3. Gina

    They just don’t make music any more like they did in the 80’s. It is truly classic.

  4. I say “oh my heck” all the time. Very popular here in Utah and the southern parts of Idaho. I used to live and work in Preston Id. They have Napolian Dynamite days there. It is insane!

  5. Too funny, that is the big red star I have in my front window,,lol. I’m SO like you also. I have been ‘drooling’, I mean looking at other people’s blogs for a few years now. I had to stop for awhile because it was consuming me,,lol. I share with people in the ‘real’ world, telling them about this blog or that blog and what I have found, as if I know them personally,,,lol. I make my hubby drive around at night (easier to see in the windows,lol) at Christmas time and do the same thing that you do, look inside their windows to see how they have decorated, set up their place. You have a lovely home. Glad I found your blog to ‘drool’, I mean look at…

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