Unimportant things..

I wasn’t tagged by Marie.. but I can’t think of anything to blog about an maybe this will spur me into action!!  If not.. at least you will  have some nonsense knowledge about me.

1.  In the mornings when my family leaves I blast the music..  usually some song that I would be embarrassed to be caught listening to.  Today’s selection was Ice Ice Baby brought to me by Vanilla Ice.  Yep, it was loud, and if the UPS Man or a neighbor would have come to the door I’d  have been embarrassed!  But, it starts my day off in a good way.. and on the weekends, I have a hard time getting off my butt and getting around!

2. Before I leave the house, the living room HAS to be straightened.  Even if I’m just going to the post office.  I mean, who cares???  Is a robber gonna come in and think “wow, it’s sure tidy in here?”  I seriously doubt it.

3.  In every house we live in, certain things always go in the same spot; The apple cookie jar full of peppermints always is on top of the fridge, the cut glass jar full of dum dum sucker’s- always on a the end table close to where my hubs sits (that is till the other day when my neighbor’s little one broke it..)  And it seems, there has to be mints and dum dum sucker’s in my house at all times.

4. I’m a compulsive paper stacker.  It goes along with the ADD that I’ve self diagnosed.  I’ve taken every quiz that is out there, and I have it.. I know I do.. its the darn doctors that think I’m just a little wacky!  There are stacks of papers in every room of my house.. well, maybe not the bathrooms or the laundry room..

5.  I seek out ways to get other people’s attention.  Like, say.. I see the Commanding Officer of the base running through our neighborhood, and that is the exact moment I have to go out and water my flowers.. just so she’ll notice~  Yep, I do that.. I know, it’s sick, you don’t have to tell me..

6. And finally.. I can’t wait to move back to my hometown that I swore I would never live in again when I left 20 years ago~!


See.. everyone has quirks.. so, now instead of tagging everyone.. leave me a comment with one of your un-important things..  AND Have a Super Weekend!



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6 responses to “Unimportant things..

  1. I’m so with you on #3. Do not deviate, thou will be shot.


    Tidy is good! We don’t leave our house unless it’s all straight and tidy either…our neighbors say we’re phobic, but the orderliness brings us calm so that’s the way it’s going to stay. I’m intrigued by the talk about “the Commanding Officer on the base”. My dad and my late husband were both in the military and a base still to this day is where I feel the safest. Although this home and neighborhood near Portland, Maine sure holds a close second. I know what you mean about how certain things keep the same place from home to home…I think it brings us a comforting feeling of continuence in our lives, especially if your involved with the military and move often.

    Have a great weekend! Hope to see you at my blog spot whimseys-writings-thoughts

    Peg in Maine

  3. lol I can totally relate to #3. We’ve moved so often that inevitably things get stuck in the same spot in 10 different houses… even if I didn’t want it to go there! And #5 makes me laugh. If it were me, I’d run back IN the house! :o)

    Let me see… can I think of another unimportant thing? Umm….I own Britney Spears first 4 cd’s. Oh yes I do. lol

  4. Cindy

    When I run errands I do all the errands on one side of main street first and then coming home I do the ones on the other side. This is a little trick my husband taught me so I don’t have to keep crossing traffic and it really saves gas.

  5. Gina

    LOL on #5. hehe Sort of like #2, I have to have the bed made the minute I get out of it.

  6. Hi Cara,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog-I’m loving yours!
    I’m already getting to know you from your 6 things!
    I think it’s funny how we say we will never move back to our home towns but later in life we find out we really do want to move back.
    Happy first day of fall!

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