Migrane’s GONE!

And.. I finally got some goooood drugs to help.  I’m thankful.  And you know what the Dr. had the nearve to say to me??  He’d really like it if I only had one Diet Coke a week… ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  I will cut down, but one a week.. not gonna happen!!!

  And.. I know you’ve all read about the fact I think there is a closet blog stalker in my town.. and I think I found them.. I went to get my mail today and there is a huge tarp in one of the new neighbor’s yard, with not 1, not 2, but 3 pieces of furniture being painted BLACK!!  Hmm.. I’m gonna have to keep an eye on them.  This is not a friendly neighbor either.. I’ve said hi a few times, and not even a look!  Well, if you are the closet blog stalker and you are reading MY blog.. be NICE!!! 

  Oh, and yesterday I went to Rite Aid.. wanna see what I got for $10.00??

Canvas Wall Hanging

Canvas Wall Hanging

Isn’t it cute???  I swear, I only have about 3-4 inches between the ugly storm door and the ugly front door, so I can’t hang a cute wreath.. I love this though!!  And.. its autumnal, so I can use it till Thanksgiving.. when I’ll hang up my similar one for Christmas!  I soooo wish I could paint this door!!



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4 responses to “Migrane’s GONE!

  1. Living in housing is hard, isn’t it? You are at the mercy of their poor color choices. Which is usually an awful shade of dirty white. :o/ I don’t think I’ve ever seen a white front door in housing though! :o) In Monterey, my house was pink and my front door was hunter green! SO NASTY.

    Nice wall (door!) hanging! I can’t believe you girls find at drugstores! I never even go in them. lol Though, we are getting a Walgreens (it’s taken 6 months so far and they still aren’t done!) soon.


    Great door hanger. Love your blog….see mine at whimseys-writings-thoughts

  3. Gina

    That wall hanging is so adorable!! I often find cute things at Walgreen’s and places you wouldn’t expect it. Glad your migraine is gone.

  4. Glad you are feeling better.

    SUPER CUTE for the door.

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