Rembering yesterday.. 9/11/2001


I sat at the computer for a long time yesterday and couldn’t think of a thing to write.  My mind was on the past.. 7 years ago to be exact.  And it still is.. this day.. and for the next 10.  My husband was at sea the day that changed our nation.  He was out in the Gulf, doing his duty, serving our country.. he was gone.  I woke up that day to the sounds of my Mother jumping out of bed and running above my head.  She was yelling and all I could think was “We’re Up”  I heard her say something about the tv and I turned it on..  it was on ABC, I always watch Channel 4 when I’m in Salt Lake City at night, so that was the channel the tv was on when I woke up.  When I opened my eyes I saw the 2nd plane hit.  I thought I was watching a movie, probably the same feeling a lot of people had.  Then I heard Charlie Gibson say something.  My Mom came rushing through the door, and instantly my kids were in my room.  We all just sat there.  My kids were young then.. 2nd grade and Pre-school.  They were scared, hell, I was scared.. my thoughts were the same as everyone else in our country.  My Mom went into Grandmother mode and we got the kids moving.. I fixed breakfast, made lunches.. all while listening to Charlie try to explain what was going on, terrorists, attack.. I kept thinking to myself.. Did I hear from my husband yesterday?  I hadn’t.  I walked out the door to take the kids to school just as the first tower fell..  I listened to the news reports about the 2nd tower while in the carpool lane.  All I could think.. my kids will be sheltered from this at school, by the time they get home we will have figured out what is going on.. will I hear from my husband today?  I came home and my Mom was there.. she works but stayed home.  We watched the news all day, we canned peaches!  That is my sensory moment.. I can smell peaches on Sept. 11 every year.  All I have to do is close my eyes and I can smell them.  It was something for us to do, something to keep busy, something to keep my mind off the fact I still hadn’t heard from my husband..   It took 10 days for me to hear from him.. and that still stings.  That time was the longest and scariest of my life..   So this year.. I’m thankful, he’s home with us.. and you want to know what I did yesterday?  I canned peaches~  Some things never change..

Here’s a blurb from the Carl Vinson Website about the start of what has transformed our whole country..

”  On Sept. 11, as our nation was rocked by the terrorist attacks, USS Carl Vinson was rounding the tip of India en route the Arabian Gulf to enforce the no-fly zone over Southern Iraq in support Operation Southern Watch . At that moment,  the Gold Eagle changed course and headed to the North Arabian Sea, where our battle group would stand ready to answer the call of freedom. That call came, and on Oct. 7, 2001, just 36 hours after we welcomed our new commanding officer, CAPT Richard Wren, the Carl Vinson and her battle group launched the first  strikes in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  For 72 days, we remained on station and together with Carrier Air Wing Eleven conducted more than 4,200 combat sorties in the War on Terrorism. “



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3 responses to “Rembering yesterday.. 9/11/2001

  1. We lived in Navy housing at the Weapons Station in Charleson, SC at the time. Thew schools were on base and our kids were sent home. We were instructed to keep them home the next day too. I remember everyone being so worried somehow our base would be a target. I’m sure everyone was worried around the country of the very same thing. It’s interesting how everyone story that day is very different….but oh so very, very similiar.

  2. Thanks for sharing this and remembering. I bet that was so hard to not hear from your husband for 10 days after that. I can’t even imagine.

  3. Gina

    Your post gave me goose bumps. I will never forget the anger, sadness and fear the rest of my life.

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