A Garden Update

I just wanted to do one more post about my outdoor flowers.. Its getting to be the time of the year when I yank everything out.. well, not everything, but everything that is past its prime!  I must say, the thing that is best about where I live is the way that things grow!  I have had success all year.. only a few plants have died, and I blame the maintenance people.. they spread some “fertilizer” around a few weeks ago, and it has killed off one type of flower.  I can’t remember the name.  They were huge a few weeks ago, and slowly they look like they’ve gotten a disease!  And since nothing else is dying, I’m pretty sure its whatever they spread… Anywhooooo.. here’s some of the highlights~

See the Petunia below (yes, it’s just one plant).. I got it this spring, it was almost dead.  I planted it along with the Begonia, the Impatient and the Geranium (bought at Rite Aid 25 cents.. it was almost dead too)

59 CENT Wave Petunia

59 CENT Wave Petunia

 The pot below has two plants in it.. just two.  They were 98 cents each.. they have Quadrupled in size, if not more!

Flower Pot

Flower Pot

 This wheelbarrow is filled with flowers I got at 75% off.. they were all almost dead.  They came in those little tiny six packs.. see how much they’ve grown!!  And the Purple Daisy below it, it was from last year.. I cut it down last winter, and its grown into this huge bush!

Wheelbarrow filled with flowers

Wheelbarrow filled with flowers

All of the flowers below came in 6 packs, you know, 6 baby plants for $1.50 or so.
Front of the house

Front of the house

Right Front of the house

Right Front of the house


Under Ali's Window

Under Ali's Window



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9 responses to “A Garden Update

  1. WOW, great finds! i want .25 geraniums!!!

  2. Wow, gorgeous. Come to my house. I’ll pay you in…um…pug kisses?

  3. Beautiful! My Wave Petunias don’t look nearly as lush as yours.

  4. Gorgeous! I don’t wanna pull mine out yet. ~sigh~

  5. Beautiful petunias! Mine look all scraggly and I had to buy new pot of them just last week.


  6. Your flowers look gorgeous! I wish I could say the same. My last petunia is on it’s way out. Brown and scraggly. Nothing like yours! :o)

  7. Gina

    Like Manuela said, my petunias have looked scraggly all summer. Probably too much heat. You must have a green green thumb!

  8. Michelle

    Ooooooooo! I love your flowers. So pretty!

  9. Tam

    left you a little bloggy awards

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