It’s the Most Wonderful Time..


Jojo and Ali

Jojo and Ali


Yep.. they’re off!  School officialy started at 7:45 this morning!  They were both excited and nervous at the same time.. Its a whole new world for both of them.. and I’m so proud!  Next week~  Jojo’s first High School Football Game!!  GO WILDCATS!!!



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7 responses to “It’s the Most Wonderful Time..

  1. Gina

    They both look so cute and happy!

  2. Happy first day of school! Funny how our local high school are the Wildcats too…. very original, huh? :o)

  3. Cindy

    WOOHOO! They get so ready to be back in school don’t they?! They look like they’re happy to go back and begin conquering a new year. Hope your Wildcats do well this year! I only have my 15-year-old left in school now except for college kids. She’s a Sophomore and so far is loving it. We started in mid-August. Have a great day!

  4. divorcegrrl

    Dang, they’re nice looking kids! I wish we lived closer and could get together for a cup of tea – or Starbucks! – now that the kids are in school!

  5. I can’t believe how much your kids have grown since we met online several years ago!

    I’m quite jealous of your new location! We love the Pacific Northwest. Spent 2 weeks cruising the San Juan Islands in July 2007 on my dad’s boat. You can see lots of pics from that fabulous trip on my blog if you want to go back and look at the archives in 7/07.

  6. Tam

    YOUR pictures are GREAT!!!!!!! I have some great Decorations around my LIVING ROOM right now…..a whole Thomas the Train SET….LOL I guess once the kiddos are bigger I will GET MY HOUSE BACK untill then it looks like a TOY STORE. LOL LOL

  7. Tam


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