On my way…

To the party!!!  This party is being held over at The Inspired Room.  Melissa is Sponsoring Fall Nesting Week~  I’m not there yet.. but I’m on my way!!!

Fall Bin

Fall Bin

I’ve been searching the house.. looking for places I may have hidden some extra stuff…

The Dish Cupboard

The Dish Cupboard

 Finding things tucked here and there…

The linen closet
The linen closet

Tomorrow I will be able to join the party.. at least hopefully!!!  Today, chauffering.. lol!  One goes to football practice, and one goes to 6th grade orientation~!!!  Sad thing is.. I remember 6th grade orientation!!!  What about you guys?  Remember your first day of Middle School or Junior High?  Ours starts Thursday morning!!!



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8 responses to “On my way…

  1. Gina

    Can’t wait to see your stuff on display!! Oh how I love fall!!!!!!!!

  2. Ooooo….Those mini pumpkins have a lot of potential! 🙂 (also just read your tire post. YIKES! Glad you’re OK.)

  3. Love your new blog layout! How do you like WordPress? I’ve just used blogger but there aren’t a lot of choices, template-wise.

  4. I can barely remember graduating high school, so there is NO way I remember my first day of junior high. lol I’m OLD. Like dirt.

    Have fun at the party! I’m not joining this one because there is NO way I can have pumpkins and all stuff out for 3 months. And fall is my favorite season! Not to mention it’s still 90+ degrees here. :o) Can’t wait to see what you do.

  5. I couldn’t remember where all my fall stuff was stashed either! LOL, I’m glad I’m not the only one. Those ceramic white pumpkins you have are so cute!

  6. Can’t wait to see all your goodies put together. The fall party has been lots of fun with great ideas!

  7. Cara,
    What a sweet picture of your kids, they are both so beautiful, (even your boy, I tell my three big guys all the time they are beautiful!), hope all went well with their first day!

    How is your day going? Are you enjoying your newly quiet house with the kids at school? We aren’t going to start homeschooling till Oct. just because there is way too much going on here right now, so I can relax a bit after the wedding hoop-la and the visit from my BFF, she will be leaving on Sept. 24th…

    Take care!
    Donna Lynn

  8. Tam

    you changed your blog! looking great….now I need to catch up with all the blogging! Have a great weekend

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