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Spray Painting Answers!!

Okay.. over the past few months, I’ve shown many of the Spray Paint Projects that I’ve done.  I’ve gotten a few questions on my technique and the products I’ve used… Soooo.. I’m gonna answer those questions today.  I’m not going to go back, because I get a lot of the same type of question worded differently.. so my steps hopefully will cover some of the questions.

My digi-camera is dead, so I’m using some pic’s off of google images and some that are saved to my computer.

First.. I look for the perfect piece to paint.  Its usually ugly, old and in dire need of some TLC. 

   Take for example this chair..  If I saw this and I was needing a chair I would bring it home.  The first thing I do is wash it.  I use a micro-fiber cloth and some dishwashing soap.  I wring out the cloth really well.  I make sure I go over the whole thing.  Then, off to sand.

 (Picture from this old house)  Depending on the finish, I may have to sand really well.. but usually I just sand to scuff up the finish.  It gives the new paint something to stick to.

Next step- tack cloth.

  I like this brand, I buy them at Walmart or Ace Hardware.. but any kind will do.  It gets alllll of the sawdust from sanding off of your project.

Next- Prime –  I use a spray primer

  I use the Cheap stuff.. 96 cents at Wal Mart. 

Then I wipe again with the tack cloth.. just to make sure.

Then I get out my FAVORITE paint.

  Color Place – FLAT Black.  I prefer flat paint.  Its much more forgiving, and the finish dries like craft paint.   Its also easier to use if you need mulitiple thin layers.  LOVE IT.  I think every color of spray paint should come in a flat finish.. I would use a lot more color this way.  I love spray paint, it just is so easy. 

Next step.. the finsh

Johnson’s Paste Wax.. I ONLY use this brand, and Wax is the only finish I use on my wood furniture.  It provides a strong finish, not shiny like a gloss finish, but not matte either.  It doesn’t seem to gather dust as much as my “poly’ed” furniture does.  I think its the best… I’ve even waxed the Hardwood floors in an old house with this and they turned out GORGEOUS!!  Wax is also good on Metal.. it keeps it from rusting.  My husband puts it on some of his tools, and I usually wax my garden tools before I put them away for the winter. 

Then I bring the finished project inside to enjoy!!

I hope this answered some of your questions!!!  Have a great weekend everyone!


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Peeking through the windows…

Sheesh.. where does the time go?  I get ready to post, then someone calls.. “Mom, I forgot my lunch/cleats/PE Clothes” or “Honey.. can you do ________”  insert MANY phrases here!  Then yesterday Hubs comes home from PT late.. I just figured he got tied up in a game of 3 on 3 basketball or the CO needed something.. whatever, then I see him limping up the driveway.  He was doing crossfit (A type of training that uses endurance, running, etc) and he stepped off the curb wrong during a sprint.  Luckily his Medical Chief was right behind him.  He drove him to the hospital for x-rays.. no break, just a severe sprain is all they could see.  It looked like he had an egg stuck in his ankle it swelled so badly.  So, he was home ALLLLL DAYYYYY yesterday.  So, naturally, I got nothing done.  I had big plans to move the kitchen furniture around.  It is the MOST awkward room in our house, and I am trying to find a way to get my table under the chandelier.. not over to the side of it.  Annoying.. the joke around here is that the Housing office hires Design School Drop-0uts to design housing… I believe it.  I haven’t lived in government quarters where the dining room light fixture is where it’s supposed to be.  I mean, I can look at it and see that it’s centered in the room, but I don’t know anyone who, with the awkward layout, puts their table in the center of the room…  But, I ramble.. I didn’t get it done yesterday.. or really anything else.  Today I can’t because we are headed down to Everett for Jojo’s Football game early in the afternoon.  When I move furniture, I need time to put it in several places to decide what I like best.  Anyone else do this?  I haven’t really done anything else around the house but clean it, and re-clean it, then pick up the junk on the floor, then re-clean it again!  Nothing fun at all!  That’s why I was so inspired to move furniture!  Tomorrow is my day.  I may even move the huge beast of a china cabinet out of the laundry room in there.. that would be kinda cool.. to find a way to make more room by moving in even bigger stuff!!!  LOL!!  Seriously, I’m laughing thinking about it~!!

big BIG China Cabinet

big BIG China Cabinet

  I have been blog surfing a LOT lately.. I find myself at the computer for sooooo long!  Its truely an addiction.  My kids and hubs were laughing at me all weekend because I just sat and stared into other people’s windows (blog stalking).  We can’t go on a drive, especially at night, where I’m not peering into other people’s lives.. I’m not trying to be rude, really.  I imagine family gatherings, kids running around.. just like the movies!  So, it was so funny on Sunday, a lady stopped by to pick up her Pampered Chef order (I had a party a few weeks ago, she placed an order, but didn’t come to the party.)  She was so cute at the door, she said to me.  “I’ve always wanted to come into your house”  Imagine my suprise!  She continuted “I drive by here almost every day and I see your big red star and wonder what else is inside”  She was embarrassed, but I invited her in, and told her I do the same thing.. I’m always peeking into windows!  So then, my hubs has to tell her about the blog stalking.  She had no idea what it was.. or had even heard of a blog!  She ended up staying about an hour, where I introduced her to some of my favorite blogs~  She went straight home and started bookmarking.. she’s a new Navy Wife, and doesn’t have much.. and thought it was so cool to get idea’s online~!!  So.. thanks everyone for being an inspiration to me.. and to everyone who lurks around in cyberspace looking through your windows!!!


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Things I learned from Napoleon Dynamite

Since there isn’t anything on tv tonight.. I’m watching Napoleon Dynamite on tv.  I’ve watched this movie a few times.. its so stupid-funny.. I just laugh every time.  So, I decided to compile a list of things that can be learned from Napoleon.

1.  The “fun pack” of chips really is expensive.

2. People should never name their kids Napoleon or Rico

3.  80’s music stands the test of time..

4. Side Ponytails, Girboud Jeans and Moon Boots were all bad fashion choices.

5. People in this world really say “Oh My Heck”  Its true.. they do.  And if its really bad, they replace the Heck with Crap.

6. Pedro is cool (well, sorta.. )

7. If you can, definitely.. dance in your moon boots in front of your whole school (or wherever) because if you really want to make a name for yourself, no one would ever forget you..


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Unimportant things..

I wasn’t tagged by Marie.. but I can’t think of anything to blog about an maybe this will spur me into action!!  If not.. at least you will  have some nonsense knowledge about me.

1.  In the mornings when my family leaves I blast the music..  usually some song that I would be embarrassed to be caught listening to.  Today’s selection was Ice Ice Baby brought to me by Vanilla Ice.  Yep, it was loud, and if the UPS Man or a neighbor would have come to the door I’d  have been embarrassed!  But, it starts my day off in a good way.. and on the weekends, I have a hard time getting off my butt and getting around!

2. Before I leave the house, the living room HAS to be straightened.  Even if I’m just going to the post office.  I mean, who cares???  Is a robber gonna come in and think “wow, it’s sure tidy in here?”  I seriously doubt it.

3.  In every house we live in, certain things always go in the same spot; The apple cookie jar full of peppermints always is on top of the fridge, the cut glass jar full of dum dum sucker’s- always on a the end table close to where my hubs sits (that is till the other day when my neighbor’s little one broke it..)  And it seems, there has to be mints and dum dum sucker’s in my house at all times.

4. I’m a compulsive paper stacker.  It goes along with the ADD that I’ve self diagnosed.  I’ve taken every quiz that is out there, and I have it.. I know I do.. its the darn doctors that think I’m just a little wacky!  There are stacks of papers in every room of my house.. well, maybe not the bathrooms or the laundry room..

5.  I seek out ways to get other people’s attention.  Like, say.. I see the Commanding Officer of the base running through our neighborhood, and that is the exact moment I have to go out and water my flowers.. just so she’ll notice~  Yep, I do that.. I know, it’s sick, you don’t have to tell me..

6. And finally.. I can’t wait to move back to my hometown that I swore I would never live in again when I left 20 years ago~!


See.. everyone has quirks.. so, now instead of tagging everyone.. leave me a comment with one of your un-important things..  AND Have a Super Weekend!


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Migrane’s GONE!

And.. I finally got some goooood drugs to help.  I’m thankful.  And you know what the Dr. had the nearve to say to me??  He’d really like it if I only had one Diet Coke a week… ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  I will cut down, but one a week.. not gonna happen!!!

  And.. I know you’ve all read about the fact I think there is a closet blog stalker in my town.. and I think I found them.. I went to get my mail today and there is a huge tarp in one of the new neighbor’s yard, with not 1, not 2, but 3 pieces of furniture being painted BLACK!!  Hmm.. I’m gonna have to keep an eye on them.  This is not a friendly neighbor either.. I’ve said hi a few times, and not even a look!  Well, if you are the closet blog stalker and you are reading MY blog.. be NICE!!! 

  Oh, and yesterday I went to Rite Aid.. wanna see what I got for $10.00??

Canvas Wall Hanging

Canvas Wall Hanging

Isn’t it cute???  I swear, I only have about 3-4 inches between the ugly storm door and the ugly front door, so I can’t hang a cute wreath.. I love this though!!  And.. its autumnal, so I can use it till Thanksgiving.. when I’ll hang up my similar one for Christmas!  I soooo wish I could paint this door!!


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A Migrane.. and an Award~

Please excuse my absence~  I’ve had a headache, for DAYS!!  Its strong and then dulls, then goes away then comes back.. and I’m miserable!!!  For now, it’s gone, or at least partly gone.  Gone enough that I can get up and blog and not want to go back to bed.  I have a Dr. Appt. today.. thank goodness!  I hate tolerate our military health care.  I was at Urgent Care TWICE this weekend.  We don’t have an emergency room at our base hospital anymore.. if you are sick or dying or anything in the middle of the night, you have to call to get permission to go to a local hospital.. well, I guess if wanted, you can call afterwards.. but then there is paperwork and I LOATHE paperwork.  So, if I’m gonna go in, it has to be before 11:00pm.  Lucky for me, my headaches attack at around 10:45!   

Anywhooooo.. that’s what I’ve been up to.  No fun stuff, no pictures.. sorry!!!

I did get an award though.. a cool one! This one is from Tam, over at Lollipops

To translate the gift from Portuguese to English, it means:”This blog invests and believes, the proximity”[meaning, that blogging makes us ‘close’ -being close through proxy] How awesome is that??

“They all are charmed with the blogs, where in the majority of its aims are to show the marvels and to do friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize, and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut, or that they propagate?”

It says that I need to give this award to 8 people.. but I’m having a hard time just picking 8.  I feel like Blogging has brought me a whole new set of friends.  Each one I could sit and chat with, go to a movie with, scour the Dollar Tree with.. just about anything.. So, I’m giving this award to everyone that I visit regularly.. you know who you are!!!


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Rembering yesterday.. 9/11/2001


I sat at the computer for a long time yesterday and couldn’t think of a thing to write.  My mind was on the past.. 7 years ago to be exact.  And it still is.. this day.. and for the next 10.  My husband was at sea the day that changed our nation.  He was out in the Gulf, doing his duty, serving our country.. he was gone.  I woke up that day to the sounds of my Mother jumping out of bed and running above my head.  She was yelling and all I could think was “We’re Up”  I heard her say something about the tv and I turned it on..  it was on ABC, I always watch Channel 4 when I’m in Salt Lake City at night, so that was the channel the tv was on when I woke up.  When I opened my eyes I saw the 2nd plane hit.  I thought I was watching a movie, probably the same feeling a lot of people had.  Then I heard Charlie Gibson say something.  My Mom came rushing through the door, and instantly my kids were in my room.  We all just sat there.  My kids were young then.. 2nd grade and Pre-school.  They were scared, hell, I was scared.. my thoughts were the same as everyone else in our country.  My Mom went into Grandmother mode and we got the kids moving.. I fixed breakfast, made lunches.. all while listening to Charlie try to explain what was going on, terrorists, attack.. I kept thinking to myself.. Did I hear from my husband yesterday?  I hadn’t.  I walked out the door to take the kids to school just as the first tower fell..  I listened to the news reports about the 2nd tower while in the carpool lane.  All I could think.. my kids will be sheltered from this at school, by the time they get home we will have figured out what is going on.. will I hear from my husband today?  I came home and my Mom was there.. she works but stayed home.  We watched the news all day, we canned peaches!  That is my sensory moment.. I can smell peaches on Sept. 11 every year.  All I have to do is close my eyes and I can smell them.  It was something for us to do, something to keep busy, something to keep my mind off the fact I still hadn’t heard from my husband..   It took 10 days for me to hear from him.. and that still stings.  That time was the longest and scariest of my life..   So this year.. I’m thankful, he’s home with us.. and you want to know what I did yesterday?  I canned peaches~  Some things never change..

Here’s a blurb from the Carl Vinson Website about the start of what has transformed our whole country..

”  On Sept. 11, as our nation was rocked by the terrorist attacks, USS Carl Vinson was rounding the tip of India en route the Arabian Gulf to enforce the no-fly zone over Southern Iraq in support Operation Southern Watch . At that moment,  the Gold Eagle changed course and headed to the North Arabian Sea, where our battle group would stand ready to answer the call of freedom. That call came, and on Oct. 7, 2001, just 36 hours after we welcomed our new commanding officer, CAPT Richard Wren, the Carl Vinson and her battle group launched the first  strikes in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  For 72 days, we remained on station and together with Carrier Air Wing Eleven conducted more than 4,200 combat sorties in the War on Terrorism. “


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