See this???

broken knife
broken knife

another view of the knife
another view of the knife

This is what I ran over yesterday!  I was picking up Jojo from practice, and this RIPPED through the side of my tire!!  I did swerve to miss it, but it still got the side of my rear passenger wheel causing a blow out!  .. AND, what’s worse, 2 city police, 1 base police, 3 housing maintenance guys and a mail carrier all drove right by and never even stopped to ask if we were okay.  This makes me soooooooooo angry.  Whatever happened to protect and serve?  I cannot imagine my Hubs driving by a woman with a flat tire and not stopping to see if she was okay, at the least!  He, of course, was in a meeting without his cell phone.  And, you wanna know who finally stopped?  One of the guys that works for him that was on his way to the housing office!  He recognized my car.  He and I tried to get the lugnut loose, but neither of us could do it.  So he hurried back to the office to get my hubs~!  Hubs to the rescue.. he brought his big tools and changed the tire!  Now, I have to buy a new one, and the bargain price of $185.00!  I about fell over!  Soo.. that was my day yesterday.  I was so worked up and angry, I just cried when I got home~!!  And.. made Paula Deen’s Mac and Cheese, and I even put a whole pound of Thick Sliced Bacon in it.. comfort food at its best!  And, brownies.. I felt a little better after that~!

  Today I’m going to find that Rubbermaid tote that’s marked fall, and go through it.. maybe that will help me feel better~!  For dinner?  Hubs is out crabbing and fishing, and has already reported that he caught a flounder… anyone have any good flounder recipes???
 *** Edited to add.. VH1 Classic is playing 80 hours of 80’s music!  My poor kids had to leave the house.. they are playing them in Alphabetical order!  We just finished the G’s and are onto the H’s.. Huey Lewis!!!  I have the Surround Sound on and I’mjust cleaning away, cuz I drug that Fall tote in.. and I want everything spic and span~!!  I have a Yankee Candle (Sage and Cinnamon) burning.. I love this scent and can’t find it anywhere this year!!!
Happy Saturday everyone!!!


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7 responses to “See this???

  1. Nan

    That is just terrible. I cannot believe police went by you, let alone all the others. Incredible. Hope the brownies really hit the spot. :<) I like the new look – very techie looking.

  2. I can not belieev that even a police man did not stop. I am glad you all were not hurt. Having a blowout is a scary experience. I am so happy about 80’s weekend! I knew I had satelite for a reason.

  3. The base cop didn’t stop??? Now why doesn’t that surprise me? :o( I’m glad you guys are okay. How scary.

    I almost didn’t recognize your blog today. I like it though!

  4. I am rolling! You are so funny. I’m sorry that happened and I CANNOT believe nobody stopped! I’m hungry now. Paula Dean’s mac and cheese sounds delish.

  5. Gina

    How tacky for those men not to stop. What is happening to good old fashioned chivalry? I wish I had known in time the 80’s music was on!

  6. Well, I am so glad to know I am not the only one who has stashed Fall decorations all over the house…phew! Can’t wait to see what you find next! Thanks for visiting me today too! 🙂

  7. My word! What a shock that must of been!!!! Sorry no one stopped to help you out, I think in the day and age of cell phones, everyone thinks the person can call in for help instead.

    Love your fall decorations, I stash mine in the attic now that I have the storage space, before this house, I put them all over the place too…come check out my fall harvest post!

    Hope your having a great week so far! I am counting down to my son’s wedding, gotta go and iron the dress shirts and finish up the flowers for the arbor, better get off the computer huh??? HA, 🙂

    Donna Lynn

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