Stealing Idea’s.. Yep, I do it~

Okay.. I’m famous for stealing other people’s ideas, well, not famous, but I do it~!!  Like the Picture wall I stole from I don’t know how many bloggers.. and I love it! And, spray painting that little birdie on my Mantle, that’s a stolen idea.. and the pumpkins from the Dollar Tree.. sorta stolen, I bought them last year, but never even used them (I know.. stupid me.. I just thought they would be good somewhere!!!)  And now, I’m off to steal another idea.. and it’s awesome!!  Nicole from Our Cosy Nest had a tutorial for making fabric pumpkins.. See THIS POST.  Tomorrow I’m on a hunt for fabric to make some of these.. I have all of the stuff, except for some Fallish Fabric~!  Stay tuned, I’ll probably make them next week!!!

  Look what I found yesterday!  At Wal Mart!  CUTE pumpkins!



  And they are foam..

they are going here when I get my fall decorations out~!

mantle with pumpkin

mantle with pumpkin

They were $1.00.  I think I need to go and get a few different ones to scatter around the mantle.. they had alllll different shapes and colors!  I also bought some Moss to put under the Pears (and pumpkins) to make them look more pleasing to my eye.. lol!

I also went to the Dollar Tree.. to find some Crow’s, to steal THIS IDEA from Susie Harris.  My dollar tree didn’t have any.. I think there is a blogger stalker here in Oak Harbor that bought all of the crows!  When I leave this Island next week (or this weekend) I’m going to check out the other Dollar Tree for some.  I’m not really into Halloween Decorations that are scary.. but this is right up my alley.  Do any of you have alley’s?  The house we will move into when Hubs retires has an alley.. I don’t think I’ve seen an alley in YEARS!  Oops.. of topic!  I have a Halloween Village that I bought a few years ago at JoAnn’s.. I need to find a way to display it this year.  I have my sofa table.. that’s where it was last year.  But that’s where I want to display the Crow Tree.. so I dunno.. I’ll find a spot, I know it! 

  So, Marie, if you are reading this.. I can SOOOO particpate in your party if you decide to have it!!!



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10 responses to “Stealing Idea’s.. Yep, I do it~

  1. love your finds..I am gonna soo make some of those pumpkins myself..I picked up fabric at our st. vinnies today that were in fun flannels. cherry

  2. I plan on making some of those fabric pumpkins too…found some cheap fabric at our thrift store today. cherry

  3. I might have to steal your idea. I think that is part of blogging. Getting great ideas from each other. Great mantle. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Hey, just popped by to see your blog while I was visiting you on the forum. Let’s call it being “inspired” by someone! Stealing is when you don’t acknowledge it. You did some great stuff so raise your head high and be proud! No guilt!

    Happy day,

  5. I agree with Melissa–inspiration sounds much better than thievery!!

    By the way, love the mirror painted black. I did that to my mirror and mine looks sooo much better too. Your garland is so sweet!

  6. Gina

    I love the mantle with the pumpkins on it!! So pretty.

  7. I so need to get to Walmart.
    I so need to get a mantle to display the pumpkins.
    Cute job there girly!!!

    Totally just bookmarked your blog!

  8. Live the Wal-mart pumpkins – my mom got them last year and you just reminded me about them. To Wal-mart I shall go this weekend.

  9. Like you had to ask if I’m reading this? :o) LOVE the pumpkins you got at Walmart. I got something similar at Dollar Tree yesterday. Oh! I got a pumpkin at Walmart last week but it has that scrolly writing on it? I love it. I think it was less than $2. Anyhoooo… fall better hurry up and arrive. Doesn’t Mother Nature read blogs? She must know by now we are all very impatient!

  10. I have always said I am not a creator, just a good imitator. Those are great ideas. I already made my Susie Harris tree branch and crows. I need super creative people around me to get me going.

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