That was then

Here’s yesterday…

And here’s today (actually last night.. but here’s how it looks today)

Here’s up close..

Since I had 4 cans of $0.96 special (wal-mart flat black) on hand.  The leftover’s from the big black hutch.. yep, I bought a case of it!  I looked at that mirror all day yesterday and at 5:07 I painted it.  I finally figured out that was what was bothering me.  The brown mirror just didn’t go!!  Now the berry garland doesn’t bother me at all… in fact, I like it! 

Today I vow not to sit at the computer all day and blog stalk!  I can’t, my house is a mess… really, its a mess.  Football has started for Jojo, so there are stinky clothes hidden in his room.. school supplies are stacked up on several different countertops and tables, just waiting for their debut at Middle School or High School next week.  I just need to put on my 80’s Music really loud and let loose with the vacuum, the Swiffer, and the Endust~  Maybe a little Pine-Sol and Scrubbing Bubbles in the mix!  It will be a party, RIGHT???  And when I’m done, I will reward myself with going to the garage and finding my Rubbermaid Bin marked FALL and start looking through my things.  I think I have some of those ceramic PUMPKINS that everyone’s been getting from the Dollar Tree.. and guess what??  I bought them Last Year!  I just didn’t have a blog then to write about it!! 

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!!



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8 responses to “That was then

  1. Your mirror DOES look a lot better black! I think I thought it WAS black the first time I saw it. Or I’m just losing my mind. I have to go out to Dollar Tree to find those CROWS! I swear I never IN MY LIFE spent so much time and energy trying to copy fabulous women in my life! :o)

  2. I like your mirror better in black, too. Thanks for your comment about my little shelf. I, too, have been thinking of what else I could mistreat! : )

  3. Gina

    I like it black much better! Where did you get that adorable berry garland thingie? I want one.
    Blog stalking is my very favorite activity…maybe that is why my house looks MUCH worse than yours sounds. My husband is much messier than a kid…having him in the house is like having ten children.
    I can’t wait to get out my fall stuff. Oh how I love fall.

  4. Ooooo I LOVE the mirror painted black!! You know it IS my favorite color right now!!! I can totally relate to blog stalking….I am constantly looking around to see what someone did that is FABULOUS that I MUST copy…I mean flatter!!!

  5. Rofl… are like me..u like to get your house clean and in order before putting out holiday items. I must admit that I have slacked a bit with all the fun blogs to my best whiny voice..its just sooo hard to balance everything. YOur mirror is fabolous…everything pops off of it. rofl, cherry

  6. I have to admit, I clicked back and forth several times before I caught on to what was different. I wasn’t really looking at the mirror, I was looking at pears, vines, etc.

    I do prefer it in the flat black, good move!

  7. OMG!!! Thank goodness there ARE others OUT THERE that can’t find these Crows at their Dollar Tree Store!!! I can’t find ANY of the things that I have seen on other peoples blogs that shop at Dollar Tree…I stated in My Blog, that I think they lie, and now I am convinced, yep, absolutely convinced there is a conspiracy to get us to Dollar Trees Nationwide, cuz ya know what happens? Yep, we buy OTHER stuff we DIDN’T want, just for the sake of wanting a few crows, cute punkins and other dumb things we SWEAR we would find. A Buck…A lousy Buck for a Crow….and still looking! LOL!

    Great to see I am among Kindred Hunters!

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