Deep Thoughts…

You thought I was going to get all SERIOUS on you didn’t you????   I’m actually on a thinking mission.  You see.. I have a WHOLE bunch of frames.. a whole bunch.   Last year I started stitching.  You know, REAL COUNTRY stitching.  I tried to sell them.. I sold 10.  I have a whole bunch more.  I have some Halloween and Fall ones.. and when I dig out my Stuff, I’m going to give one away.. a cute Halloween one or Fall one.. or maybe Both!  I’m also planning a giveaway to all of my Primitive Country Gals.  Stay tuned!

Secondly.. THANK YOU for all of the visits yesterday and all of the wonderful comments!  I had such a great time going through everyone’s spray painting ideas.. and got a few that I stashed away in my mind for the future!  I met a lot of new blogging friends and need to get busy updating my blogroll!  Thanks again!

Anywhooo… I have some frames leftover.  I’m trying to find some quotes to print out to frame and have around my house.  Anyone got any good places that they find quotes?

I do have two projects to share.. I’m in the process of re-doing my mantle and here’s what I have so far.  I plan on finding another mirror or something to hang on the wall up there.. and I love that garland, although I don’t know if it fits in anymore.. it has little hang tags that say faith, family, friends and live, laugh, love.. I may have to find a new spot for it.  Its that “country” in me that doesn’t want to part with it.  Its hard.. I still have a lot of country, and I can’t afford to change out everything.. and I don’t want to change out everything.  I just want a more mature look I guess..  This is almost NO COST decorating.  The only things I purchase for this re-do were the pears and the bird.. and they were purchased at the dollar tree!  I had everything else.  Do I need to do something else to the candlesticks, maybe some moss underneath the pears.. they look a little lonely..

Here’s what I have so far.. Remember, I live in Military Housing.. so I can’t paint the walls or the brick!

I made the little Monogram Picture yesterday..

Recognize this little birdie??? 

Oh, and while I was crafting.. I made this for my bedroom.. I know that MY initial should be first, but that’s Hub’s side of the bed.. and I wanted it for the shelf above my bed.

It looks nice here with my Capodimonte Rose from Naples.. and one of my Great Grandmother’s Hankies.

Okay friends.. fire away!



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4 responses to “Deep Thoughts…

  1. I DO love that primitive look! It’s my first true love. :o) As far as quotes go? I STEAL them. Imagine that!!! I used to go to and check out all their samplers and make my own. They are kind of pricey but I loved that look. I think you mantel looks cute! Love the black and white with that green! Pretty!

  2. I love your little birdie. I have an identical one, and I think I’ll spray-paint him. He looks great in white.

  3. Your mantel looks great! And you know I love that birdie! Very nice.

  4. salpetitt

    I love your black-framed monogram! Cute with the ribbon in there!

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