A spray painting party???

Well.. you know I HAD to join!!  We love us some spray paint in this house.  We seem to have a love affair with the $0.96 flat black at Wal Mart.  It cover’s beautifully!  Joy over at Joy’s Of Home is having this party.. go on and check out everyone else.. after you’ve checked out my projects.. of course!!!  I started in the spray painting world way back in 1994.  We were stationed in Naples, Italy and one of our neighbors took pitty on us (we were young, poor and had a baby!) and gave us a dresser.  It was painted black, with purple drawers.  Not exactly what I wanted.. so I spray painted it white with blue drawers for Jojo’s room.  Never did I imagine that would lead to what I have today.  That dresser is long gone- but the technique stayed!

Fast forward to 2005.  I got this table (pictured Below in our old house) off of freecycle.  It was brown and very, very dry.. it was Colorado after all.  All I could think about was painting it black!  I had seen round tables in Pottery Barn and Ethan Allen.. but they were WAY out of my budget.  So.. when someone offered it, I scooped it up!  This was my first project with Flat Black.. and Johnson’s Paste Wax.. my other love~  We painted our old chairs to match.  And the Brass chandelier.. yep, black spray paint!!!



Then came the Hoosier.. whoa.. big project.. 35 cans of black spray paint.  The Wal Mart Employees we scoping me out.. I swear it… Here she is last fall.. she’s all decked out!

Our two most recent projects are the Entertainment Center and the NEW China Hutch~!!  The Entertainment Center was a Pine Mexican Rustic design.  We changed around the moldings and added beadboard to the doors.. then we painted.. It took a lot of paint.. Lucky for us, we lived in a different town.. but, I know the Wal Mart people recognized me.. there has to be a flyer circulating..”Beware of this woman.. she will buy ALL of your flat black spray paint!!!”

And here is the finished hutch!  My husband brought this home at the beginning of the summer.  It was big, it was brown.. and I must have deleted EVERY before picture I have of it!!!  But, here it is in all of its new glory.  It’s living in the laundry room.. I’m going to use it as a pantry.. or dish storage, I can always use some more of that!!!  This is just a glimpse.. I haven’t finished the laundry room yet.  I had to stop briefly so I could spend 1 million dollars on school supplies, shoes and atheletic fees..  ARGH!!!

This concludes the tour of most of my black spray painted furniture.. you can see my White Spray Painted furniture in this post.. it’s in my daughter’s room, she doesn’t like black.. she’s too young to understand!!!


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29 responses to “A spray painting party???

  1. Wow! You’ve done some great projects! And that black flat paint from walmart–I could buy stock in that stuff! I bought two cans this weekend in fear that I might be running low on it.

  2. Love, Love, Love it! That hutch is just GRAND. I especially love the chicken wire.


  3. Tricia Anne

    I LOVE what you did!! I am giggling about the WalMart employees keeping an eye on you! :o) They actually carded my husband one day when we were buying a bunch of spray paint! He was so flattered! ha ha ha!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  4. You hve some great pieces of furniture. I have to admit, Walmart’s flat black is my favorite too!

  5. Joy

    That’s why we all love our black spray paint! Because it takes the ordinary to extraordinary with the touch of a finger to a spray nozzle.
    Your black furniture looks absolutely wonderful, as does your daughter’s white furniture. Very, very nice!

  6. Gina

    Funny! You won’t believe it…I just bought some flat black Wal-Mart spray paint last weekend so I could copy you and paint a shelf black. I have a letter ‘R’ you hand on the wall that has been spray painted every color imaginable. It probably has 10 coats on it. 😛
    I think I’ll paint it black to match my picture frames and shelf. 😀

  7. Gina

    A letter ‘R’ you HANG on the wall that is.

  8. What a beautiful post on black painted furniture! I’m with ya on it…nothing better to update an old piece than black. Your table, chairs & cabinet all look great in your DR.


  9. Ooooh, I love what you did to your table and chairs. Did you have to sand or did you just spray away? I would LOVE to paint my table and chairs black (they’re shiny light colored wood right now) but I’m scared I’ll mess them up!

  10. LOVE all your black furniture! Black just makes everything look so sharp and classic!

  11. Tabitha

    Wow!! gorgeous pieces of furniture!! I first “heard of” painting furniture black from good ol’ Martha Stewart and was among the first to embrace the idea–now it’s all the rage and it ROCKS!!
    I can’t believe all the cans you’ve been through!!!
    Roots & Wings

  12. I love your blog and all these great spray paint ideas!!! So much fun!

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your style! Great projects! I thought I was the only one who spray~painted light fixtures…don’t they turn out great?!? Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  14. Ok why have I not been here before????? I love all your finds and redos. I am sooo glad that Joy had this party so I could find your blog. We have similiar tastes in things. cherry

  15. Beautiful! All of it! You did such a great job!

  16. What great projects! I love the black dining room table – I’m actually doing the same to my round, white breakfast table.

    I’ve been buying my black spray paint at Lowe’s but I’m headed over to good ole Wally World tomorrow!

  17. I spy with my little eye a big bag of dog food next to your hoosier cabinet that needs a tin can all for itself. ha ha I love all your paint projects! I’m too scared to spray paint such big pieces of furniture! I always grab a can of paint and a brush. Bleh!

  18. OH MY GOSH!!! I love this, you have done such a great job. I love all the spray paint you have used. I have so many empty cans it is unbelievable. My hubby told him that Home Depot had called wanting to know why he was using so much spray paint!!! I had to laugh at what you said about the employee eyeing you…I totally can relate. I even contacted Krylon spray paint web site and told them they needed to get on the blog scene and see all the spray paint commotion!!!
    Have a great day!
    I’m adding you to my favorites, I loved your blog!

  19. Your black paint pojects look great! Love your taste.

  20. WOW…those are all beautiful painted in black!! I am definately obsessed with the black right now…I have been working my way up from small pieces to a little bigger…haven’t done anything those sizes yet. LOVE them!!

  21. I love all of your cabinets that your have painted, they all look great!

  22. my gosh girl! you are so talented. I would have though that the table did come from pottery barn!! And the hutch, hoosier, and entertainment center? WOW! 🙂 I love it all! Ohhh…I did a chandelier just like that! I just love making old things new again.

  23. Ha ha! That is hilarious! The projects are absolutely beautiful!

  24. Peggy

    I’m wondering about the Johnson’s paste wax- did you use it on top of the flat paint? Why not just use satin paint? Does the paste wax change the texture of the finished piece?

  25. elle

    ur furniture is beautiful!! im doing an africa themed room and all my furniture is wood and white. im doing a neutral sand kinda color….
    I would like to spray paint the furniture black, do I have to sand it or do I just spray it away??

  26. I just finished priming my old hutch and I just found this blog! Love it! I do have a question, Please email me! I am about to do my dining table and chairs, what did you seal your furniture with? The Johnson’s paste wax?

  27. joann

    Hi, I read your website about the walmart black flat before I started redoing my whole dining room set. THE trick is the johnson’s paste wax. Applying that after spraying gave it that lustre that made it look like it came from the furniture store.
    I cleaned my wood first, primed it, sprayed it, and then waxed it. I also distressed it using a bit of sandpaper. I am so happy about reading your sight and the tip on the johnson’s.

  28. I just want to tell you that your blog is very interesting, bookmarked

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