A Picture Post..

“Picture pages, picture pages”… funny how I started to sing that song.  Remember it, Bill Cosby?  Well, I’m old, what can I say???

Anyway.. here are the promised pictures from Hubs and My trip to Winthrop, WA.  The pictures of the town don’t do it justice at all.  The whole town looks like an old western, including the wooden sidewalks.  Very cool.. we just wandered and wandered.. fun fun!  The pictues of the lake towards the bottom are true to life.. the water really is that greenish blue.. very beautiful.  We had such a fun time, driving with the top down.. taking our time, stopping when we felt like it- or when I spied something on the side of the road!  We managed to only buy a t-shirt! 



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6 responses to “A Picture Post..

  1. Beautiful pictures! I lived in Seattle for about 3 years. Miss it!

  2. WOW! It’s so beautiful!! I never got to Winthrop while I lived in WA. At least it sure doesn’t sound familiar to me! I wish I had though,looking at your pictures. :o) And HOW did you manage a trip and only buying a tshirt? WHAT? lol

  3. Gina

    Absolutely breathtaking beauty!

  4. Oh, girlfriend you make me so homesick for the PNW!!!!

    Great photos!

    I’m slowly getting caught up on blog reading…

  5. Tam

    HI….HOW is it all going? Well I did finish all of The Twilight Series!!! Yeah they rock!!! I think The First Book is my Favorite and I like that the Last BOOK had a Happy Ending. I love EDWARD….he rocked…BELLA sometimes got on my nerves. I like that Breaking Dawn ended up as a Happy Ending..So what did you thinK????

  6. Nan

    Great photos of beautiful country. I like the one of you especially!!

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