New pic’s to come!

We’ve had a busy busy week! Jojo had two Dr’s Appointments as soon as the kids got home.  He has a new brace for his thumb for football, and glasses are on their way.  He’ll start High School in style!  LOL!  Ali goes tomorrow to get her eyes checked and for a shot.  Like I said.. busy busy!   I took tons of pictures from our Overnighter.. and right now I’m working on my laundry room.  I’m trying to follow along with Rhoda’s colors for that room, see her post HERE on her Happy Green Laundry Room.  I love the Apple green and black, but it doesn’t go anywhere in my house, so the Laundry room gets it!  . Hubs and I painted that BIG BROWN HUGE BEAST of a china cabinet that’s been sitting in my garage (black, of course) and I bought some pretty scrapbook paper for the back, some chicken wire for the doors.. hopefully I’ll be finished by tomorrow so you can see the actual project!!  I’ve been shopping around my house for some decorations, using a bit of leftover paint- so hopefully this turns out to be a frugal, cute, and Practical room!  Its challenging, since I have to have my freezer and the dog kennel in there too, and its SUCH a small room.. BUT, I’m trying my best!  My camera is dead right now.. the battery that is, so I can’t post today!  Just wanted to give everyone an update!  Happy Sunday everyone!



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3 responses to “New pic’s to come!

  1. Gina

    Can’t wait for the pictures!!!

  2. You’ve been busy! Can’t wait to see pictures of everything you’ve been up to!

  3. justaflipflopmom

    Oh I remember Bill Cosby’s picture page… loved it!!!

    Great Photos!!! they look so relaxing and beautiful!!

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