Good Morning!!  I can’t believe how busy I’ve been!  My kids went to their Grandma’s yesterday for a week, and I swear it took a week to get them ready!!!  They left last night, on a plane that was delayed over an hour and a half.  Who says hurricane’s can’t strain the traveler in Seattle?  They are going to have a wonderful time though, first thing today they headed off to a local Water Park.  I see them coming home nice and bronze~  NOT FAIR!  I’m so happy that they got to go though, this is the first year in a long time that we haven’t gone on some kind of family vacation.  The car problems we had last February took all of our vacation fund to get fixed.  We have been doing a lot around here though.

  Anywhoo..  Here are a few pictures of some new things around my house.. the whole family wall was done for only $6.00.  Not even ten dollars I spent recently.  The shelf I bought in Colorado at a yard sale for $1.00, the picture frames were old except the 8×10 ($2.00), I just painted them, the vase, letter M, and bird from the dollar store ($3.00), the wall words were a gift from my neighbor.  I printed out the pictures.  I have a plate that I wanted to hang, but it didn’t fit in the grouping.  I also used some of the wall words on that pesky end of the hall wall.  Hubs said he didn’t want anything hanging there since its such a small space anyway.. he’s afraid he or the boy will knock something down.. so this was the perfect solution.. a little somethin!  And then finally, a picture of the frog painting that we bought awhile ago at a yard sale for my son.  It was marked $150.00 from a Seattle Art Studio, we got it for $10.00.  It goes so well in his teenage room.. someday I’ll get in there and get some more pictures.  

Family Wall

Family Wall



The wall at the end of the hall



Yesterday before we left, I got the whole house clean, dusted and the bathrooms done.. cuz after I go for a walk with the dogs, I’m going to sit and read BREAKING DAWN    The 4th book in the TWILIGHT series.. I have to tell you, I already read it over the weekend.. but I read it so fast that I know I missed some good stuff, I just wanted to know what happened!!!  ITS SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!  I know I’ve said this.. but definitely read these books!!!  Especially the first one ‘cuz the movie comes out in December! 

  I’m off to walk Sully and Sophie.. and as you can tell by the picture at the beginning of the post, Sully’s waiting by the door!!!



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7 responses to “WOW!

  1. You HAVE been busy! I love that grouping on your family wall. It came out so pretty!

    I’ve never heard of this Twilight series until very recently. Is this the vampire book thing? I don’t think I can get into that… fantasy, etc is not my cup of tea. VC Andrews was as far “fantasy” as I ever got. lol

  2. Cara,
    How nice the kids are off on an adventure, and you have the house to yourself! I love what you did with your family picture wall, it is just beautiful!!

    We are enjoying the summer sooooo much, thank the Lord, after last years awful one! It is too hot to go out today, so I am doing research on bridal bouquets…we are going to get everything tomorrow and I am going to start putting them all together next week! That should be a fun project…

    Have a great day today, enjoy your empty nest while it lasts!

  3. Hello, I came over from Gina’s Public Diary. I just had to see what fried apple pies was all about. Such a catchy phrase. I like the peach ones myself but apple are good, too.
    What a blessing that Grandmother has the children for a week. I’m afraid I’m not that generous with my time. I might take them one at a time that way. When I was first married, my younger brother & sister came to spend a week with us. When the week was over, my husband said, never again,, one at a time, but not the two of them together. I’m sure your two are very easy to be around and never fuss & fight like they did.
    I love your wall. How talented your friend is to stencil the words on. I’m just wondering where are the pictures of you and their Dad.
    I am going to read more about you, now.
    Have a good week,

  4. Gina

    Sully is adorable! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the family wall with all black frames and black shelf. Oh my goodness…you gave me an idea of what I can do with my one little bear wall in the living room that I can’t seem to decide what to do with.
    Oh to have a clean house and feel free to read…that must be a good feeling. I am not familiar with it. 😀

  5. Gina

    I meant to say ‘bare’ wall. I always hit the “submit comment” button before I look over what I’ve written.

  6. tam

    GREAT WALL…now want to come do mine??? LOL I just read twilight….it was gooood! I have all the other three waiting…LOL LOL

  7. oh, your walls look FABU! I remember the photos from a previous post – you said you wanted some good B&W of the kids – they came out great!

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