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See this???

broken knife
broken knife

another view of the knife
another view of the knife

This is what I ran over yesterday!  I was picking up Jojo from practice, and this RIPPED through the side of my tire!!  I did swerve to miss it, but it still got the side of my rear passenger wheel causing a blow out!  .. AND, what’s worse, 2 city police, 1 base police, 3 housing maintenance guys and a mail carrier all drove right by and never even stopped to ask if we were okay.  This makes me soooooooooo angry.  Whatever happened to protect and serve?  I cannot imagine my Hubs driving by a woman with a flat tire and not stopping to see if she was okay, at the least!  He, of course, was in a meeting without his cell phone.  And, you wanna know who finally stopped?  One of the guys that works for him that was on his way to the housing office!  He recognized my car.  He and I tried to get the lugnut loose, but neither of us could do it.  So he hurried back to the office to get my hubs~!  Hubs to the rescue.. he brought his big tools and changed the tire!  Now, I have to buy a new one, and the bargain price of $185.00!  I about fell over!  Soo.. that was my day yesterday.  I was so worked up and angry, I just cried when I got home~!!  And.. made Paula Deen’s Mac and Cheese, and I even put a whole pound of Thick Sliced Bacon in it.. comfort food at its best!  And, brownies.. I felt a little better after that~!

  Today I’m going to find that Rubbermaid tote that’s marked fall, and go through it.. maybe that will help me feel better~!  For dinner?  Hubs is out crabbing and fishing, and has already reported that he caught a flounder… anyone have any good flounder recipes???
 *** Edited to add.. VH1 Classic is playing 80 hours of 80’s music!  My poor kids had to leave the house.. they are playing them in Alphabetical order!  We just finished the G’s and are onto the H’s.. Huey Lewis!!!  I have the Surround Sound on and I’mjust cleaning away, cuz I drug that Fall tote in.. and I want everything spic and span~!!  I have a Yankee Candle (Sage and Cinnamon) burning.. I love this scent and can’t find it anywhere this year!!!
Happy Saturday everyone!!!


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New Look~!

Did I mention that I like change?  Well, at least sometimes I like change.. but I do like to change my blog theme~  I know, its confusing, but I’m really liking this look.. it’s very fallish~ and I’m really gearing up for fall!

I hope you like it!


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Stealing Idea’s.. Yep, I do it~

Okay.. I’m famous for stealing other people’s ideas, well, not famous, but I do it~!!  Like the Picture wall I stole from I don’t know how many bloggers.. and I love it! And, spray painting that little birdie on my Mantle, that’s a stolen idea.. and the pumpkins from the Dollar Tree.. sorta stolen, I bought them last year, but never even used them (I know.. stupid me.. I just thought they would be good somewhere!!!)  And now, I’m off to steal another idea.. and it’s awesome!!  Nicole from Our Cosy Nest had a tutorial for making fabric pumpkins.. See THIS POST.  Tomorrow I’m on a hunt for fabric to make some of these.. I have all of the stuff, except for some Fallish Fabric~!  Stay tuned, I’ll probably make them next week!!!

  Look what I found yesterday!  At Wal Mart!  CUTE pumpkins!



  And they are foam..

they are going here when I get my fall decorations out~!

mantle with pumpkin

mantle with pumpkin

They were $1.00.  I think I need to go and get a few different ones to scatter around the mantle.. they had alllll different shapes and colors!  I also bought some Moss to put under the Pears (and pumpkins) to make them look more pleasing to my eye.. lol!

I also went to the Dollar Tree.. to find some Crow’s, to steal THIS IDEA from Susie Harris.  My dollar tree didn’t have any.. I think there is a blogger stalker here in Oak Harbor that bought all of the crows!  When I leave this Island next week (or this weekend) I’m going to check out the other Dollar Tree for some.  I’m not really into Halloween Decorations that are scary.. but this is right up my alley.  Do any of you have alley’s?  The house we will move into when Hubs retires has an alley.. I don’t think I’ve seen an alley in YEARS!  Oops.. of topic!  I have a Halloween Village that I bought a few years ago at JoAnn’s.. I need to find a way to display it this year.  I have my sofa table.. that’s where it was last year.  But that’s where I want to display the Crow Tree.. so I dunno.. I’ll find a spot, I know it! 

  So, Marie, if you are reading this.. I can SOOOO particpate in your party if you decide to have it!!!


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That was then

Here’s yesterday…

And here’s today (actually last night.. but here’s how it looks today)

Here’s up close..

Since I had 4 cans of $0.96 special (wal-mart flat black) on hand.  The leftover’s from the big black hutch.. yep, I bought a case of it!  I looked at that mirror all day yesterday and at 5:07 I painted it.  I finally figured out that was what was bothering me.  The brown mirror just didn’t go!!  Now the berry garland doesn’t bother me at all… in fact, I like it! 

Today I vow not to sit at the computer all day and blog stalk!  I can’t, my house is a mess… really, its a mess.  Football has started for Jojo, so there are stinky clothes hidden in his room.. school supplies are stacked up on several different countertops and tables, just waiting for their debut at Middle School or High School next week.  I just need to put on my 80’s Music really loud and let loose with the vacuum, the Swiffer, and the Endust~  Maybe a little Pine-Sol and Scrubbing Bubbles in the mix!  It will be a party, RIGHT???  And when I’m done, I will reward myself with going to the garage and finding my Rubbermaid Bin marked FALL and start looking through my things.  I think I have some of those ceramic PUMPKINS that everyone’s been getting from the Dollar Tree.. and guess what??  I bought them Last Year!  I just didn’t have a blog then to write about it!! 

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!!


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A game of tag!

I wasn’t tagged.. but I saw this on Just a Flip Flop Mom and decided to play along.. I’m always up for a fun game of tag!

 Here’s the rules.. you must answer each question with one word!


1. Where is your cell phone? desk
2. Where is your significant other? working
3. Your hair color? Blonde
4. Your mother? home
5. Your father? roadtrip                                                                                       6. Your favorite thing? home
7. Your dream last night? sunshine
8. Your dream/goal? freedom
9. The room you’re in? living
10. Your hobby? chauffering
11. Your fear? alone
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? retired
13. Where were you last night? home
14. What you’re not? skinny
15. One of your wish-list items? house
16. Where you grew up? Evanston
17. The last thing you did? laundry
18. What are you wearing? capri’s
19. Your TV? martha
20. Your pet? sleeping
21. Your computer? slow
22. Your mood? calm
23. Missing someone? carmen
24. Your car? white
25. Something you’re not wearing? shoes
26. Favorite store? target
27. Your summer? kids
28. Love someone? forever
29. Your favorite color? red
30. When is the last time you laughed? Today
31. Last time you cried? weekend
32. Who do you want to tag? EVERYONE!! -ME TOO!!!  Have fun!



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Deep Thoughts…

You thought I was going to get all SERIOUS on you didn’t you????   I’m actually on a thinking mission.  You see.. I have a WHOLE bunch of frames.. a whole bunch.   Last year I started stitching.  You know, REAL COUNTRY stitching.  I tried to sell them.. I sold 10.  I have a whole bunch more.  I have some Halloween and Fall ones.. and when I dig out my Stuff, I’m going to give one away.. a cute Halloween one or Fall one.. or maybe Both!  I’m also planning a giveaway to all of my Primitive Country Gals.  Stay tuned!

Secondly.. THANK YOU for all of the visits yesterday and all of the wonderful comments!  I had such a great time going through everyone’s spray painting ideas.. and got a few that I stashed away in my mind for the future!  I met a lot of new blogging friends and need to get busy updating my blogroll!  Thanks again!

Anywhooo… I have some frames leftover.  I’m trying to find some quotes to print out to frame and have around my house.  Anyone got any good places that they find quotes?

I do have two projects to share.. I’m in the process of re-doing my mantle and here’s what I have so far.  I plan on finding another mirror or something to hang on the wall up there.. and I love that garland, although I don’t know if it fits in anymore.. it has little hang tags that say faith, family, friends and live, laugh, love.. I may have to find a new spot for it.  Its that “country” in me that doesn’t want to part with it.  Its hard.. I still have a lot of country, and I can’t afford to change out everything.. and I don’t want to change out everything.  I just want a more mature look I guess..  This is almost NO COST decorating.  The only things I purchase for this re-do were the pears and the bird.. and they were purchased at the dollar tree!  I had everything else.  Do I need to do something else to the candlesticks, maybe some moss underneath the pears.. they look a little lonely..

Here’s what I have so far.. Remember, I live in Military Housing.. so I can’t paint the walls or the brick!

I made the little Monogram Picture yesterday..

Recognize this little birdie??? 

Oh, and while I was crafting.. I made this for my bedroom.. I know that MY initial should be first, but that’s Hub’s side of the bed.. and I wanted it for the shelf above my bed.

It looks nice here with my Capodimonte Rose from Naples.. and one of my Great Grandmother’s Hankies.

Okay friends.. fire away!


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A spray painting party???

Well.. you know I HAD to join!!  We love us some spray paint in this house.  We seem to have a love affair with the $0.96 flat black at Wal Mart.  It cover’s beautifully!  Joy over at Joy’s Of Home is having this party.. go on and check out everyone else.. after you’ve checked out my projects.. of course!!!  I started in the spray painting world way back in 1994.  We were stationed in Naples, Italy and one of our neighbors took pitty on us (we were young, poor and had a baby!) and gave us a dresser.  It was painted black, with purple drawers.  Not exactly what I wanted.. so I spray painted it white with blue drawers for Jojo’s room.  Never did I imagine that would lead to what I have today.  That dresser is long gone- but the technique stayed!

Fast forward to 2005.  I got this table (pictured Below in our old house) off of freecycle.  It was brown and very, very dry.. it was Colorado after all.  All I could think about was painting it black!  I had seen round tables in Pottery Barn and Ethan Allen.. but they were WAY out of my budget.  So.. when someone offered it, I scooped it up!  This was my first project with Flat Black.. and Johnson’s Paste Wax.. my other love~  We painted our old chairs to match.  And the Brass chandelier.. yep, black spray paint!!!



Then came the Hoosier.. whoa.. big project.. 35 cans of black spray paint.  The Wal Mart Employees we scoping me out.. I swear it… Here she is last fall.. she’s all decked out!

Our two most recent projects are the Entertainment Center and the NEW China Hutch~!!  The Entertainment Center was a Pine Mexican Rustic design.  We changed around the moldings and added beadboard to the doors.. then we painted.. It took a lot of paint.. Lucky for us, we lived in a different town.. but, I know the Wal Mart people recognized me.. there has to be a flyer circulating..”Beware of this woman.. she will buy ALL of your flat black spray paint!!!”

And here is the finished hutch!  My husband brought this home at the beginning of the summer.  It was big, it was brown.. and I must have deleted EVERY before picture I have of it!!!  But, here it is in all of its new glory.  It’s living in the laundry room.. I’m going to use it as a pantry.. or dish storage, I can always use some more of that!!!  This is just a glimpse.. I haven’t finished the laundry room yet.  I had to stop briefly so I could spend 1 million dollars on school supplies, shoes and atheletic fees..  ARGH!!!

This concludes the tour of most of my black spray painted furniture.. you can see my White Spray Painted furniture in this post.. it’s in my daughter’s room, she doesn’t like black.. she’s too young to understand!!!


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A Picture Post..

“Picture pages, picture pages”… funny how I started to sing that song.  Remember it, Bill Cosby?  Well, I’m old, what can I say???

Anyway.. here are the promised pictures from Hubs and My trip to Winthrop, WA.  The pictures of the town don’t do it justice at all.  The whole town looks like an old western, including the wooden sidewalks.  Very cool.. we just wandered and wandered.. fun fun!  The pictues of the lake towards the bottom are true to life.. the water really is that greenish blue.. very beautiful.  We had such a fun time, driving with the top down.. taking our time, stopping when we felt like it- or when I spied something on the side of the road!  We managed to only buy a t-shirt! 


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New pic’s to come!

We’ve had a busy busy week! Jojo had two Dr’s Appointments as soon as the kids got home.  He has a new brace for his thumb for football, and glasses are on their way.  He’ll start High School in style!  LOL!  Ali goes tomorrow to get her eyes checked and for a shot.  Like I said.. busy busy!   I took tons of pictures from our Overnighter.. and right now I’m working on my laundry room.  I’m trying to follow along with Rhoda’s colors for that room, see her post HERE on her Happy Green Laundry Room.  I love the Apple green and black, but it doesn’t go anywhere in my house, so the Laundry room gets it!  . Hubs and I painted that BIG BROWN HUGE BEAST of a china cabinet that’s been sitting in my garage (black, of course) and I bought some pretty scrapbook paper for the back, some chicken wire for the doors.. hopefully I’ll be finished by tomorrow so you can see the actual project!!  I’ve been shopping around my house for some decorations, using a bit of leftover paint- so hopefully this turns out to be a frugal, cute, and Practical room!  Its challenging, since I have to have my freezer and the dog kennel in there too, and its SUCH a small room.. BUT, I’m trying my best!  My camera is dead right now.. the battery that is, so I can’t post today!  Just wanted to give everyone an update!  Happy Sunday everyone!


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Off for the day

Since the kids are gone.. Hubs and I are off for the night~  See you soon!


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