I was over at Shannon’s blog yesterday and she had a weblink to her favorite store, OOPS! The link is to  Very cool site to wander through, I am thinking a great place to find a unique gift.. they have a little bit of everything there.. I have my eye on some of these  Round%20Chicken%20Wall%20Plaques%20Set%20of%203  Realy cool.. They are ceramic wall plaques, almost 6 1/2 inches high.  They would look good in my kitchen..  I am still thinking about it though.  I still have to buy school stuff for the kids, so that is priority.  We  have about a month till school starts, but I’ve been buying things as I see them on sale.  I’m glad that the schools here have their supply lists online.  I just printed it out, and cross things off as I go. 

  I feel as if I’m just rambling here.. trying to fill up some space, trying to find something wonderful to blog about~  I’m serious, I’m blank-minded today!  And.. I’ve had 2 cups of coffee, I usually have one big one.. not today!  I think I’m feeling Island Bound.  I haven’t left the Island, except to go to Jojo’s Dr. appointment in awhile.  For us, its the middle of summer, kids are bored, heck, I’m bored!  I’ve been blog surfing, looking for some inspiration.. nada.  I would love to do a room re-do like Marie is doing in her daughter’s room.. it looks awesome!  But no.. not for me.  We (meaning hubs and I) have decided that in the next 2 years, he’ll retire from the Navy.  Its for sure now.. he will have put 21 years into the Service, and its time to move on to something new.  So, when we DO retire, we’re moving back to my childhood home.  It’s over 100 years old, it needs work.  So, anything I’m buying for my pleasure now has to have a spot in the new house~  The good thing about this, I know the house.. I know the floorplan like the back of my hand.  Every bedroom in the house has been mine at one time or another.. so I know what will fit.  The hard thing.. I don’t know where I will put some of my stuff.  Like, my Hoosier.  The kitchen in this house is small, and I have no idea where I’ll put the cabinet.. I can’t imagine getting rid of it though.  Ever been there?  I mean, I looked for YEARS for it.  I spent a MONTH sanding and painting it.. So, every time I think of retirement, I think of my Hoosier~!  Weird..  The whole house screams PROJECT!!!  And here I am, sitting in my house here, thinking about the next house.  Such is the life of a Military Family I guess.  I hope when I do get settled, get allllll of those projects accomplished, that I don’t start dreaming about another house~  Hopefully we will find enough to do to keep us busy for years.. who am I kidding.. we may get tired of it before we run out of projects!!  LOL!

  Next week my kids go to visit their Grandma for a week.. Hubs and I are going to head to Leavenworth, WA.  I’m really excited, I think its the first time we have gotten away just the two of us since we’ve been married, well, I don’t count the times we were househunting.. that’s not a fun getaway!  Here’s the website I’ve been exploring.. I think we’ll be gone a couple of days.. but who knows! 

Visit Leavenworth Washington

Thats about it for today.. I do have some spray painting to finish up, and I found this cool website that has really AWESOME Clipart.  I’m going to print our Monogram and put it into a frame I bought on my thrift shopping spree a couple of weeks ago..   The clipart is for students and teachers.. I’m sure I’ll be using it all year for various projects for my kids!  They do tons of written and oral projects up here, and this clipart will really make their projects pop!  I think it would be fun to print out a big monogram for my daughter’s room.. Marie.. you could do this too!!  It would look great in your daughter’s new room!!



Have a Happy Hump Day~!



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4 responses to “Soo..

  1. rue

    I think it’s neat that you’re planning on moving into your old home when you retire. You can put the hoosier anywhere. It could even be cool in the family room 🙂

    Have fun on your trip!

  2. Thanks for the mention and the cool link!!! I’m going to bookmark it for later. :o)

    Have fun in Leavenworth! I went there once…with my mom… my husband was deployed…and I was pregnant with morning sickness. I wish I could go back so I could ENJOY it.

    Your husband only has 2 more years til retirement? I’m slightly jealous. lol Mine has 5 left…and we have no idea where we will retire to when he does get out. Every day he comes home with new and fabulous ideas on where he can get a job when he’s out. lol We’ll see!

    I can’t believe you guys have a whole month until school starts!! Mine go back tomorrow! (can you see me dancing all the way over here? ha ha)

  3. Gina

    Can’t you find another room to put the Hoosier in? That’s exciting moving back into your old home! Thanks for sharing the great links!!

  4. Gina

    I just went to the Leavenworth site…it sounds wonderful and beautiful!!

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