Is it Saturday or Sunday???

Don’t you hate when you wake up and don’t even know what day it is?  I have had several of those lately.  Irritating!I mean, the kids are out of school, I really have no schedule right now, who cares what day it is?  Just a thought to ponder..

  Did you know that if you google “blog post ideas” you will get 15,500,000 pages, and not one of them will give me an idea of what to blog about!!!

I found this blog The Saturday Special and this meme.. I think I’ll trying, trying to get some creative juices flowing…

~Summer Favorites~

1. Favorite Summer Activity:  Camping.  We love to camp, even if its close to home.. The food cooked in my big dutch ovens over a fire, long walks, fishing,  just peaceful and  quiet. 

2. Favorite Summer Meal:  Anything on the grill, but probably BBQ Chicken.  Just screams summer to me.. yum!

3. Favorite Thirst Quencher: Margarita baby!!!

4. Favorite Summer Weather:  Warm, but not hot.  Sunny no wind..  That being said, I love a good summer thunderstorm in the evening.. only after a beautiful sunny day!

That was fun, huh?  You try it.. and let me know what you wrote!



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8 responses to “Is it Saturday or Sunday???

  1. Gina

    In the south, there is no such thing as warm summer weather and not hot. 😦

  2. Gina up there ^ made me laugh. And she’s RIGHT! Holy moly it’s an OVEN in southern Georgia right now.

    Anyhooo…I’ll do your meme soon. I’m backlogged on reading blogs today. My kids keep hogging the computer. School starts in FOUR days! WOO HOO!

  3. Dear Cara,
    Me too, BBQ just says summer! We BBQ till it gets too rainy, and too cold, it always makes me sad when you can’t grill anymore…

    Hope your Sunday…yes, it is Sunday! 🙂 I am heading to the “New and Improved”, South Center Mall. It is now the biggest in WA. Diana Lyn, are trying to find a dress for her to wear to my son’s wedding in Sept. the dresses are soooo ugly this year, what were the designers thinking???

    My Blushing Rose blog showed back up yesterday, it was really weird, I was fixing my profile page and I looked at the bottom and it had been restored…so I am going to keep it! Must be a sign! 🙂

    Take care and will “talk” to you soon!
    Donna Lynn

  4. P.S. I was re-reading my post, I meant to say:
    Hope your Sunday is going to be fabulous! Sheesh…

  5. Cindy

    I’m so glad you stopped by to see me! It’s so hard to explain how a mascot change could rip apart a small town. Unless you were there it’s pretty hard to believe. I really just wanted to document this for my kids. Are you still in Wyoming? I used to have a sister in Afton but she moved years ago. I’m in Utah now so I only moved one state south! Thanks again for stopping by, I look forward to having time to really check out your blog later this week! Cindy

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Hhaha I’m going to a book release party this weekend with some of my girlfriends 🙂

    Love your blog name by the way!

  7. Love grilled sausage!

  8. Sometimes, when I’m writing a check, I forget what year it is….that’s probably really bad, huh?! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!–I think we were visiting at the same time!

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