Here is the wall beside my TV Cabinet in my Bedroom.  I like the colored plates here, but I’m on the hunt for something to put there in place of the white platter.  I love the platter, just not in this arrangement.   I wish I could find another round, sage green and brown plate.. lol!

Here’s a close-up~ 


Here’s what I have in the kitchen, above the slider (I still loathe the slider.. lol)  I wish I could take down the blinds and do a mis-treatment, but housing won’t allow it.. and I’m lazy!

Not a great picture.. but I had to stand on the other side of the kitchen table to get all of the plates in the frame.. but, you get the idea. 

  I have a few white platters and plates that I want to hang somewhere else.. I just can’t find the spot where I want them.. I’m thinking of doing something on the wall at the end of the hallway to our bedrooms.  White plates on a small white wall?  What do you think? 

 Maybe a red plate in the middle?  I have red plates in my china cabinet, and there are two extra ones. Give me feedback, tell me what you think???  Maybe search out some colored plates?  Please!  This is getting crazy.. I’m becoming obsessed!!!!



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4 responses to “plates..

  1. I would definitely go colored plates. Fiesta ware type colors if they work with your house. I probably wouldn’t do white/cream or tan plates without a lot of surrounding plates next to it since you have keep the walls white (I’m guessing).

  2. tam

    I have lived in my house for over a year and still have not put up on single thing on any wall! LOL One for the lack of not having anything and two I just do not know what I want to do! LOL I think the colored plates sound great!!!!

    Have fun decorating….while I repaint MY pink bathroom….I went to the paint store today…they hate my business…LOL LOL MY and my two little boys! Screaming no mommy no the paint store!

  3. If you use the white plates, how about hanging them with colored ribbon? However “they” do that. lol I don’t mind white on white, personally. As long as it’s not the only white on white thing in the room. Then I think it gets lost. But at the end of the hallway? Why not?? Or do what Kimba does- spray paint them the color you want! She really is quite genius. :o) (Did I spell genius right?)

  4. Gina

    I actually think the white plates on white walls would look sophisticated and pretty. I LOVE, LOVE the red and rooster plates in your kitchen. I LOVE red anyway but in the kitchen…I just love it. I have red in mine too. And that deep red is gorgeous.

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