For Darla

This post is for Darla.  She’s having a bedroom dilema.. Much like the kind I face.  I know you are out there.. us gals (yep, great English there Cara!) who buy something we love, then get tired of it.  I referred to this dilema I have in this post… Ode to the Nester.  I have this quilt, I bought it in 2001.. I love it, but I’m soooooo tired of looking at it every single day!  I want a room that is Robin’s Egg Blue and Chocolate brown, with gorgeous window treatments, and of course, a beautiful plate arrangement.. lets just say, I want to move into The Nester’s Bedroom!  Dang, that’s alota linking!

 Anywhooooo… Here is a picture of what I did to get me through the blah’s.. at least for the summer.  And, I still haven’t found anything that would make a good window treatment.. still have the sheers, still light in my room till 10:00pm..

You will notice, the bedskirt is cream, the down comforter is white.. I know this.. but at this moment.. its working for me.  The tag is even on the down comforter even.. oh well!  As the Nester Says.. “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”  Right??!!!  And the Body pillowcase doesn’t match.. it’s okay, I can’t find another one in another color.  Its seafoam, the rest is sage/olive.  BUT!  I did get that big long shelf painted black!!  Good on me!



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8 responses to “For Darla

  1. I love this idea. Now I just need to figure out how to make this work for me.

    I’m going to do some surfing tomorrow and see if I can come up with a bedspread that’s brown that doesn’t look like it snag white hair (HA!).

  2. I know. I remember Samantha’s hair well. I think we probably still have some truth be known (and we’ve moved twice since she passed). LOL!

    I’ll keep ya posted if I find something. I may need help with a vote.

  3. That looks beautiful! And even though you pointed out things like the white/cream and seafoam, I personally like it all, just as it is! And I do love the black shelf.

    I can hardly wait until the construction in my bedroom is done so I can start some decorating!!!

  4. I think it looks very nice the way it is!! I want a bedroom in chocolate brown and robin’s egg blue too. My next house may need no less than 10 bedrooms so I can decorate them all in different colors. I just can’t make up my mind!!

  5. Gina

    I LOVE it!! I love the sage comforter and the black shelf with the pretty birdcage on it! The plates are trimmed in sage aren’t they? Love them. I wish my bedroom satyed that nice looking all the time (a little messy right now she said and embarrassed herself).

  6. I like the bed. It looks comfy!

  7. Tam

    LOOKS great…now come and do mine…LOL

  8. Hi Cara!
    What a beautiful room, I love everything you did, it is just lovely to look at!

    Pop over to my new blog, you will have to change my blog address on your sidebar 🙂 let me know what you think…

    Take care and hope you are having a wonderful summer, isn’t the weather fabulous??? I am soooo happy!!
    Donna Lynn

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