Just wanted to say..

I’m outa my pajamas~  LOL!  I had my pity party.. and now I’m done.  I’ve even cleaned the kitchen a bit, and started the laundry~!! 

I finally got my wheelbarrow planted yesterday~  Thanks to Rite Aid who had ALL of their flowers marked down at 75% off!  Yeah!  I bought a bunch of stuff, and spent only $16.00.  The Gerbera daisies were $1.25!!!  They do need a little TLC, but hopefully they will start looking a bit better soon~!  I’m just excited to  have something in there..

I haven’t done much with the plates that I bought last week.. I need to get some more plate holders.. some that will hold small plates.  I see a trip to our local ACE Hardware today.. Its my favorite store in town.  They have a bit of everything in there!  And since it’s locally owned, I like to go there before I go to Home Depot.  We have a couple of thrift stores here in town too.. I may hit them and look for some more plates.. I’m on a rampage!

I did get out yesterday to buy groceries.. no sence in eating crappy just cuz the Hubs is gone!  Last night I grilled Hamburgers for the kids and I.  I sauteed some mushrooms and melted blue cheese on mine.. YUM!  Tonight the kids are making Spaghetti.. I’m making the meatballs for them.. but this is the meal that they chose to cook!

  I found this blog yesterday.. Cherry Hill Cottage  and spent my whole evening going through it~  LOTS of eye candy.  She has a link to a website to buy these plates.. (I can’t get the image to post.. follow the link if you want to see them)


they are a bit out of my price range.. but I’m thinking about asking for them for my birthday~  I just can’t decide if I want black with white dots, or white with black..  hmmmmm…  They would look sooo cute with the new Rooster plates! 

 Well.. I’m of to shower and get on with the day~!! 

Happy Saturday My Friends!



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3 responses to “Just wanted to say..

  1. Tam

    YOU could so paint some of those plates I bet! HOPE all is going well! I am not as motivated as I was few days ago…I guess it has to do with the boys melting down during grocery shopping today! LOL

    Have a great day!

  2. OOH I love the ruffled sheets. But $100 for sheets. Yeesh.

  3. lol I was in my pj’s until ONE pm yesterday. I was tired from having guests all week and felt lazy. So I watched a bunch of shows I dvr’d from the week before and stayed in my pj’s. It was nice!

    You have been busy this week! Figures the week I’m “away” everyone is posting like crazy on their blogs. :o) Looks like you found some great deals… I love all the dishes you found! I’m always hunting for dishes. :o)

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