Old phone.. new found fun!

I didn’t have a clue how an old rotary dial phone would delight my daughter so much!  Hubs “inherited” his Grandmother’s old rotary dial phone.  You know the one..  Here she is in her room, chatting away.. with no one.  Its not plugged in, she thinks it’s the COOLEST thing in the world.  Who knew!  We had a phone like that.. and when we got touch tone, I was thrilled!  What’s old is new again I guess!!  LOL!  See that frame on her dresser?  It has broken glass, it’s a framed wall quilt that made it here all the way from my Mom without a scratch, one week in my childs presence, broken glass.. sigh~

   Yesterday was good.  We went to the Orthopedic Surgen.  He saw no breakage in my son’s thumb, but wants to see him again before football starts to get a good splint that he can use to play in.  So, August 13th we go back.  

  I did shop a “little” while we were off the island.  I scored a few things:

  Yes.. there are 3 boxes of dishes.. shhhhh!  You all know that I neeeeeeded more dishes, right?  They were 12.99 a box at ROSS.  They will go in my china cabinet for now.. then at the “next house” I will use them as my everyday.. unless I find something I like better!  I have grand ideas to mix and match them with my white dishes.. hmmmm…   I’m gonna paint those little birds white, or black.. and the picture frames are for the black and whites of my kids, a few monograms that I printed off the internet, and the square one, I’ll find something to put in there!  I found the birds and the white vases at the dollar store!  Gotta love the dollar store!

And 2 of these to hang with the round green plate in the picture above (it has brown around the rim) .. they will go in my bedroom or bathroom.. they are the perfect sage green!  I was on a plate search.. I wanna be like everyone else!!!


And this…  I saw some round red and sage green plates at the dollar store that I’m going to buy to hang with this rooster platter..   I’m going to hang them above my sliding glass door.. how I loathe the slider! 

Today, Ali and I are headed to the library.. I have a couple of books that are overdue, and need some new reading material~  Especially with the Hubs gone, I don’t get to sleep at night as fast as usual..

  I’ll post new pics when I finish up my projects!  Happy Hump Day!!



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5 responses to “Old phone.. new found fun!

  1. Tam

    Wow you did do some shopping!!!! congrats on all your great finds!!!!!!!!

  2. Gina

    Oh yes I remember those old rotary dial phones and that picture brought back great memories. Your cute little daughter has a great tan!
    I LOVE the sets of rooster dishes!!

  3. I remember the old rotary phones. I can also remember “party lines” (in the 50’s).

    Something is wrong with my compter. The pictures don’t show. Whaaa?

  4. Gina

    Do you ever leave someone’s blog and then remember something you meant to say? I just did that. We have a Ross not too far from us and I LOVE to go there!

  5. ohhhhhhhh great finds!!!! I love your finds!!!

    Rotary phones.. GOSH.. I LOVE them!!!! I love how it feels “weighty” to dial them… I don’t know why.. just do!!! LOL LOL

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