The weekend..

It’s over!  Yeah, no, not yeah.  The Hubs left today for 2 weeks of traning.. bummer!  I’m going to look at it as a great chance to get my house REALLLLY CLEAN!  It’s really gotten away from me lately, and I seem to be just treading water.  So, I started off this morning by vacuuming.. at least I tried.. then my vacuum stopped working.  Well, it still sucks, but the brush won’t turn.. ugh!  I have to go off Island tomorrow to take Jojo to the Dr. (he broke his thumb playing ball.  He’s seeing a Specialist, they are afraid its right on the growth plate)  And their is a repair store in the town where we are going.. from what I’ve read on the internet, it should be fixable.  Good thing!  It’s only a year old!  So, I went next store and borrowed my neighbor’s Dyson.  Really nice!  She is out of town and let me use her carpet cleaner this week, so now I’m using both.  Just don’t let me break anything on either one!  I have to say though, her Dyson is nice, but I love my Bissell.  It’s the pet hair remover with the turbo brush.. I love the turbo brush.. it works sooooo well on the couch!  So, I’m happy that I didn’t spend the $400.00 + on the Dyson.. I got my Bissell on sale for $169.00. 

  Anywhoo.. so, after I finish vacuuming I’m going to run the steam cleaner in the living room.  Which means my children need to find something to do..  on second though, I think I’ll wait till this evening and do it before I go to bed.  That way I can have Jojo help me move the couch.  Why the Navy decided it was a good idea to put cream colored “shag-type” carpet in Navy housing is beyond me.  I do like it, it looks nice with my furniture.. but it is hell when you have two kids, two dogs, and one messy Hubs!!  So.. Tomorrow I will have clean carpet in the living room and hall.. maybe my bedroom tomorrow evening.. it has a few stains from the dog getting sick last winter that never truely came out, yuck!  I did scrub them, its just that when you scrub one area, it tends to get dirty.. dumb dumb dumb~!!

  Then, over the weekend, I’m hoping to get into the backyard and get that gigantic china cabinet I posted about a few months ago painted.  I’m going to move it into my MESSY laundry room to use as a pantry.  I will have to do some moving around in there.. but we measured, and it will fit perfectly, plus give me some much needed storage space.  I also am on the hunt for a table/writing desk for my living room.  I don’t have a lot of money, but the desk we have now is falling apart, and its UGHLY!   Yep, I spelled that wrong, but that is the way I feel every single time I look at it.  Maybe I’ll dig out that free hutch that I had to hide in the garage (yep, it was found within an hour or two) in the spring.. if I can find a table or desk that it would fit on, I would love to use it.. since it’s on the verge of being thrown out by the Hubs when he gets home.. its SOOOO in the way!!!

  Other than that.. nothing, absolutely nothing.. I plan on staying up late, catching up with the shows I like, sleeping in a bit.. and making it through the next two weeks with a little bit of my sanity!  Can you tell my kids are BORED???  Why is it that they think I need to entertain them???

  Enough Rambling.. Happy Monday everyone!!!



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4 responses to “The weekend..

  1. Gina

    I cannot seem to clean as well when my “messiest husband on earth” is home. When he is at work, it is so much easier.

  2. Tam

    I spent the whole day cleaning out our Garage, the boys toy room and trying to organize things. Since the HUBS is gone. I even am thinking about painting while he is away! MY hubs does nothing around our house. HE has 27 days to use or loose…so right there tells you how much time he takes off to help around the house! HIS command is over in August and I am so hoping he will soon be a little more free. The major bad news is that he got reassigned an hour from where we live now and guess what?????? OUR housing pay will go down 500.00 a month….just an hour outside of SAVANNAH!!!!! SERIOUSLY that really bites! The up shot is that his promotion will go through in August and then we will increase there. Anyway that is about all here…..for the moment!

  3. Tam

    sorry that was way long comment………man i get long winded

  4. I love it when The Hubs goes on a business trip. It’s been a year since he has, though, and now that he’s on dialysis I doubt he will go again. I get SO much done when he’s gone!

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