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A Stolen Blog Idea

Okay.. So I stole this, I stole it from Jennifer who stole it from someone else.  Anyway.. it looks like fun!!!  Here’s what you do:

You put your ipod on shuffle (or for me, my RCA MP3/Video Player that has a bunch of  WONDERFUL 80’s music, and some newer songs that I listen to when I’m driving the Miata…), then answer the following questions with whatever song comes up.  Who knows!  You may find a song that you want to download to your own music player! 

1. What would describe your personality? : When Your Gone (Avril Lavigne)

2. What do you like in a guy/girl? : Take A Bow (Rhianna)

3. How do you feel, today?: I Believe (Blessed Union of Souls)

4. What’s your life’s purpose?: Come Sail Away (Styx)

5. What is your motto? : Pump Up the Jam (Technotronic)

6. What do your friends think of you?: Summertime (Kenny Chesney)

7. What do you think of your parents?: You Should Be Dancing (Bee Gee’s- yep, this is a great working out song!!)

8. What do you think about very often?: Ice Ice Baby (Yep, Vanilla Ice, enough said)

9. What do you think of your best friend? :Drama (Erasure)

10. What do you think of the person you like?: Lovestoned (Justin Timberlake)

11. What is your life story?: Walk Away (Kelly Clarkson)

12. What do you want to be when you grow up?: Low (T-Pain and Flo Rida- yeah, I dig this song.. I turn it up really loud, and drive!!)

13. What do you think when you see the person you like?: Lets Go All The Way (Sly Fox)

14. What do your parents think of you? : Please Don’t Stop the Music (Rhianna- probably more like STOP the music!!)

15. What will be played at your funeral? : Cult of Personality (Living Color- wow.. that would be funny!!)

16.What is your hobby/interest?: When Doves Cry (Prince)

17. What is your biggest secret? : Pump It (Black Eyed Peas)

18. What do you think of your friends?: One Way or Another (Blondie)

19. What should you post this as? : I Ran (Flock of Seagulls)

Now.. for everyone.. I’m going to ask, just like Jennifer.. if you don’t do this, at least let me know what you answered for what they will play at your funeral, I think that says a lot about a person!


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I was over at Shannon’s blog yesterday and she had a weblink to her favorite store, OOPS! The link is to  Very cool site to wander through, I am thinking a great place to find a unique gift.. they have a little bit of everything there.. I have my eye on some of these  Round%20Chicken%20Wall%20Plaques%20Set%20of%203  Realy cool.. They are ceramic wall plaques, almost 6 1/2 inches high.  They would look good in my kitchen..  I am still thinking about it though.  I still have to buy school stuff for the kids, so that is priority.  We  have about a month till school starts, but I’ve been buying things as I see them on sale.  I’m glad that the schools here have their supply lists online.  I just printed it out, and cross things off as I go. 

  I feel as if I’m just rambling here.. trying to fill up some space, trying to find something wonderful to blog about~  I’m serious, I’m blank-minded today!  And.. I’ve had 2 cups of coffee, I usually have one big one.. not today!  I think I’m feeling Island Bound.  I haven’t left the Island, except to go to Jojo’s Dr. appointment in awhile.  For us, its the middle of summer, kids are bored, heck, I’m bored!  I’ve been blog surfing, looking for some inspiration.. nada.  I would love to do a room re-do like Marie is doing in her daughter’s room.. it looks awesome!  But no.. not for me.  We (meaning hubs and I) have decided that in the next 2 years, he’ll retire from the Navy.  Its for sure now.. he will have put 21 years into the Service, and its time to move on to something new.  So, when we DO retire, we’re moving back to my childhood home.  It’s over 100 years old, it needs work.  So, anything I’m buying for my pleasure now has to have a spot in the new house~  The good thing about this, I know the house.. I know the floorplan like the back of my hand.  Every bedroom in the house has been mine at one time or another.. so I know what will fit.  The hard thing.. I don’t know where I will put some of my stuff.  Like, my Hoosier.  The kitchen in this house is small, and I have no idea where I’ll put the cabinet.. I can’t imagine getting rid of it though.  Ever been there?  I mean, I looked for YEARS for it.  I spent a MONTH sanding and painting it.. So, every time I think of retirement, I think of my Hoosier~!  Weird..  The whole house screams PROJECT!!!  And here I am, sitting in my house here, thinking about the next house.  Such is the life of a Military Family I guess.  I hope when I do get settled, get allllll of those projects accomplished, that I don’t start dreaming about another house~  Hopefully we will find enough to do to keep us busy for years.. who am I kidding.. we may get tired of it before we run out of projects!!  LOL!

  Next week my kids go to visit their Grandma for a week.. Hubs and I are going to head to Leavenworth, WA.  I’m really excited, I think its the first time we have gotten away just the two of us since we’ve been married, well, I don’t count the times we were househunting.. that’s not a fun getaway!  Here’s the website I’ve been exploring.. I think we’ll be gone a couple of days.. but who knows! 

Visit Leavenworth Washington

Thats about it for today.. I do have some spray painting to finish up, and I found this cool website that has really AWESOME Clipart.  I’m going to print our Monogram and put it into a frame I bought on my thrift shopping spree a couple of weeks ago..   The clipart is for students and teachers.. I’m sure I’ll be using it all year for various projects for my kids!  They do tons of written and oral projects up here, and this clipart will really make their projects pop!  I think it would be fun to print out a big monogram for my daughter’s room.. Marie.. you could do this too!!  It would look great in your daughter’s new room!!



Have a Happy Hump Day~!


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Is it Saturday or Sunday???

Don’t you hate when you wake up and don’t even know what day it is?  I have had several of those lately.  Irritating!I mean, the kids are out of school, I really have no schedule right now, who cares what day it is?  Just a thought to ponder..

  Did you know that if you google “blog post ideas” you will get 15,500,000 pages, and not one of them will give me an idea of what to blog about!!!

I found this blog The Saturday Special and this meme.. I think I’ll trying, trying to get some creative juices flowing…

~Summer Favorites~

1. Favorite Summer Activity:  Camping.  We love to camp, even if its close to home.. The food cooked in my big dutch ovens over a fire, long walks, fishing,  just peaceful and  quiet. 

2. Favorite Summer Meal:  Anything on the grill, but probably BBQ Chicken.  Just screams summer to me.. yum!

3. Favorite Thirst Quencher: Margarita baby!!!

4. Favorite Summer Weather:  Warm, but not hot.  Sunny no wind..  That being said, I love a good summer thunderstorm in the evening.. only after a beautiful sunny day!

That was fun, huh?  You try it.. and let me know what you wrote!


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Okay.. this sounds extremely arrogant.  But, I make the BEST cinnamon rolls.  I love me a Cinabon, but I think I’ve mastered the bun…  I’ve made 6 dozen of them in the past week and a half.  I’ve been sending them over to my hubs who is training.  I sent 3 last week, and 2 this week.. along with some lemon bars and cookies, oh, and a pan of brownies, all good and sugary.. but the one thing that always gets requested.. More Cinnamon Rolls!!  I love making them though.. I love the dough, the rolling, the filling~!!, and the icing.. and the smell, oh the smell.. I love bread!  So, today I made some more.. just for the kids and I.  They’ve had to edure the smells.. and not one has been given out.  “They’re for Daddy..”  That’s all they hear.  So, this morning I got up early and started the dough.. just a plain vanilla dough.  Then when it was ready, I rolled them up with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.. then baked, then caked on the cream cheese icing.. yum!  In the fall I fill them with Apple Pie filling, and Pumpkin Pie filling, Christmas time its caramel and Pecans… I’m gonna do some more experimenting..  So.. maybe someday you’ll see a store called Cara’s Buns.. feel free to stop by and I’ll give you a sample!

  I ate and enjoyed every bite of one of them!!!  Enough Said!


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For Darla

This post is for Darla.  She’s having a bedroom dilema.. Much like the kind I face.  I know you are out there.. us gals (yep, great English there Cara!) who buy something we love, then get tired of it.  I referred to this dilema I have in this post… Ode to the Nester.  I have this quilt, I bought it in 2001.. I love it, but I’m soooooo tired of looking at it every single day!  I want a room that is Robin’s Egg Blue and Chocolate brown, with gorgeous window treatments, and of course, a beautiful plate arrangement.. lets just say, I want to move into The Nester’s Bedroom!  Dang, that’s alota linking!

 Anywhooooo… Here is a picture of what I did to get me through the blah’s.. at least for the summer.  And, I still haven’t found anything that would make a good window treatment.. still have the sheers, still light in my room till 10:00pm..

You will notice, the bedskirt is cream, the down comforter is white.. I know this.. but at this moment.. its working for me.  The tag is even on the down comforter even.. oh well!  As the Nester Says.. “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”  Right??!!!  And the Body pillowcase doesn’t match.. it’s okay, I can’t find another one in another color.  Its seafoam, the rest is sage/olive.  BUT!  I did get that big long shelf painted black!!  Good on me!


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Here is the wall beside my TV Cabinet in my Bedroom.  I like the colored plates here, but I’m on the hunt for something to put there in place of the white platter.  I love the platter, just not in this arrangement.   I wish I could find another round, sage green and brown plate.. lol!

Here’s a close-up~ 


Here’s what I have in the kitchen, above the slider (I still loathe the slider.. lol)  I wish I could take down the blinds and do a mis-treatment, but housing won’t allow it.. and I’m lazy!

Not a great picture.. but I had to stand on the other side of the kitchen table to get all of the plates in the frame.. but, you get the idea. 

  I have a few white platters and plates that I want to hang somewhere else.. I just can’t find the spot where I want them.. I’m thinking of doing something on the wall at the end of the hallway to our bedrooms.  White plates on a small white wall?  What do you think? 

 Maybe a red plate in the middle?  I have red plates in my china cabinet, and there are two extra ones. Give me feedback, tell me what you think???  Maybe search out some colored plates?  Please!  This is getting crazy.. I’m becoming obsessed!!!!


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I did it!

I finally hung some of the plates I bought on the wall.. whoopie!  I’m loving the look, and now I have everyone I know on the hunt for white plates with cool edging..  since my next house won’t have all white walls,  I’m following The Nester and seeing that all white plates match!
Here are the ones from my bedroom.. not white, but sage and brown.. I’m not liking the platter on top with this arrangement.. I need to find something else.. hmmm….  Well… wordpress isn’t liking me today.. and this was the whole purpose of my post.. damnit!  I will come back later on and post the pictures.. argh!!!!!!
*** UPDATE!!!  Here’s what wordpress is saying about the image issue…
Notice: Because of an issue with Amazon’s S3 service, some images maybe unavailable for viewing after upload. We are working on resolving this issue and will update the following forum thread with more information as it is available.


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Just wanted to say..

I’m outa my pajamas~  LOL!  I had my pity party.. and now I’m done.  I’ve even cleaned the kitchen a bit, and started the laundry~!! 

I finally got my wheelbarrow planted yesterday~  Thanks to Rite Aid who had ALL of their flowers marked down at 75% off!  Yeah!  I bought a bunch of stuff, and spent only $16.00.  The Gerbera daisies were $1.25!!!  They do need a little TLC, but hopefully they will start looking a bit better soon~!  I’m just excited to  have something in there..

I haven’t done much with the plates that I bought last week.. I need to get some more plate holders.. some that will hold small plates.  I see a trip to our local ACE Hardware today.. Its my favorite store in town.  They have a bit of everything in there!  And since it’s locally owned, I like to go there before I go to Home Depot.  We have a couple of thrift stores here in town too.. I may hit them and look for some more plates.. I’m on a rampage!

I did get out yesterday to buy groceries.. no sence in eating crappy just cuz the Hubs is gone!  Last night I grilled Hamburgers for the kids and I.  I sauteed some mushrooms and melted blue cheese on mine.. YUM!  Tonight the kids are making Spaghetti.. I’m making the meatballs for them.. but this is the meal that they chose to cook!

  I found this blog yesterday.. Cherry Hill Cottage  and spent my whole evening going through it~  LOTS of eye candy.  She has a link to a website to buy these plates.. (I can’t get the image to post.. follow the link if you want to see them)

they are a bit out of my price range.. but I’m thinking about asking for them for my birthday~  I just can’t decide if I want black with white dots, or white with black..  hmmmmm…  They would look sooo cute with the new Rooster plates! 

 Well.. I’m of to shower and get on with the day~!! 

Happy Saturday My Friends!


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Its 2:45 pm, and I.. yes I, am still in my pajamas.  Who cares??  Not me.. My hubs is outa town.. who do I need to glam up for??  LOL!  Seriously.. I’ve watered the whole yard in my pajamas.  Now I’m seriously giving us Navy wives a bad name.  I don’t care.  My house, still a mess!  I don’t care..  Laundry, piling up by the day… I don’t care.  Do you see a pattern here?  I’m taking the day off.  Mom’s on strike.  I know you alllll have days like this.. I’m having mine today.  I can thank my sister.. she’s seriously making me crazy.  My Dad called this morning and one of her friends had dropped off the three little ones (aged 3, 2, and 1) at 5:30 yesterday morning.  The friend had been babysitting them since the night before, but had to go to work.  Since no one can find my sister, she took them to my Dad and Step-mom.  Guess what, no one can find her still.  Ugh.. .. my kids are fed, cleaned and home.. with their Mother, the way they always have been.  Her kids, babies really, aren’t, and it makes me want to drive down to where they live and take them.  I can’t.  And that’s the hardest part.  I feel hopeless up here.. so far away, and all these kids need is normal.  They’ve never had it.. and it depresses me to no end. 

  Thats all..  I’m gonna go watch a movie with my clean, fed kids who are home with me.. and give them extra love today~


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Old phone.. new found fun!

I didn’t have a clue how an old rotary dial phone would delight my daughter so much!  Hubs “inherited” his Grandmother’s old rotary dial phone.  You know the one..  Here she is in her room, chatting away.. with no one.  Its not plugged in, she thinks it’s the COOLEST thing in the world.  Who knew!  We had a phone like that.. and when we got touch tone, I was thrilled!  What’s old is new again I guess!!  LOL!  See that frame on her dresser?  It has broken glass, it’s a framed wall quilt that made it here all the way from my Mom without a scratch, one week in my childs presence, broken glass.. sigh~

   Yesterday was good.  We went to the Orthopedic Surgen.  He saw no breakage in my son’s thumb, but wants to see him again before football starts to get a good splint that he can use to play in.  So, August 13th we go back.  

  I did shop a “little” while we were off the island.  I scored a few things:

  Yes.. there are 3 boxes of dishes.. shhhhh!  You all know that I neeeeeeded more dishes, right?  They were 12.99 a box at ROSS.  They will go in my china cabinet for now.. then at the “next house” I will use them as my everyday.. unless I find something I like better!  I have grand ideas to mix and match them with my white dishes.. hmmmm…   I’m gonna paint those little birds white, or black.. and the picture frames are for the black and whites of my kids, a few monograms that I printed off the internet, and the square one, I’ll find something to put in there!  I found the birds and the white vases at the dollar store!  Gotta love the dollar store!

And 2 of these to hang with the round green plate in the picture above (it has brown around the rim) .. they will go in my bedroom or bathroom.. they are the perfect sage green!  I was on a plate search.. I wanna be like everyone else!!!


And this…  I saw some round red and sage green plates at the dollar store that I’m going to buy to hang with this rooster platter..   I’m going to hang them above my sliding glass door.. how I loathe the slider! 

Today, Ali and I are headed to the library.. I have a couple of books that are overdue, and need some new reading material~  Especially with the Hubs gone, I don’t get to sleep at night as fast as usual..

  I’ll post new pics when I finish up my projects!  Happy Hump Day!!


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