Wow.. can you tell that our weather has improved?  I spent ALLL DAAAY outside yesterday.. it was WONDERFUL~!!  The sun,  oh how I’ve missed the sun.. AND, its shining again today!!!!  Its supposed to get close to 90 in Seattle today.. WOW!  It will probably only be in the high 70’s up here, but I’m thankful for it!

  My adventure off the Island the other day was just that.. it was raining, pouring down rain actually.. so I was in and out of every place very quickly!   I did find a big square of fabric that could possible lead to a Mistreatment for my living room windows… Hmm.. just gotta find the right fabric to go with it.. The hunt is on!! I paid 2.99 for it.


I also found this cute little lamp.. for 1.99!

lamp  Here is the top.. it’s an electric candle.  It had a really ugly sleeve around it, so I fixed that with everyone’s favorite thing.. Scrapbook Paper!  Funny how I have a lot of it, yet, I don’t scrapbook!

lampHere’s where it’s living right now.. I may change that.. but it looks great on my Antique Sewing Machine.

  I got TONS of flowers!!  They had 4 packs of Annuals for 1.00.  I got Begonias, Petunias, Marigolds, and a few other things that were new to me.. I spent yesterday planting and will finish up today.. gotta be out in that sunshine!  I will take some pictures when I get done.  I have 2 baskets that I need to get the coconut fiber fillers for.. and I want to hang them on Sheperd’s Hooks in the front yard.  I need to get those too.  I will do a little at a time.  I need to get some fertilizer.  The best thing I’ve found to use up here is a 16-16-16 Multipurpose Fertilizer.  I used it in Port Orchard when we lived there and my Petunias grew into BUSHES!  I’m just hoping for a lot of color!!  My neighbors were looking at me like I was crazy.. most people don’t do much with their yards in housing.. I always feel that where ever we live, it’s home, and I treat it that way~!!

    I’m off to bathe the doggies.. they are shedding like crazy!  Then heading out to plant!  I will update with pictures when I’m finished!

Have a Happy Friday!!!!



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12 responses to “Howdy~!!

  1. Hi! I’m glad to hear that you had a great trip. I’m looking forward to seeing your flower pictures. I love to see how other people garden. And nice job on your electric candle. Scrapbook paper is a wonderful thing. I don’t scrapbook either and I never realized how much you could do with it until I started blogging.

  2. Hello my dear sweet friend!
    I too am in heaven with the sunshine and warm weather, I have been outside since 7 am! YEA!!!!!
    The electric candle is really pretty, I don’t have a bit of scrap book paper, I should get some to do fun projects with, you are inspiring me to go shopping!
    My garden is exploding, just in the last couple of days too, man what a little sun can do huh?

    Have a great weekend, can’t wait to see your garden pictures when your done!!

    Big hugs,
    Donna Lynn

  3. It was finally nice here too! =) I was outside quite a bit today for a change. I cant’ believe how cold it has stayed through this month. YIKES

  4. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH what GREAT finds!!! I’m jealous.. *Ü*

    I can’t believe you got flowers at such a great deal too… everywhere I go they seem so overpriced!! I should have started my own this year… *Ü* oh well!!

    Can’t wait to see what you do with them all!! hope you share!!

  5. Gina

    I love the fabric you got for the curtains but I LOVE red. The candle is also pretty. We like the same things!

  6. I love that candle – I would never think of using scrapbook paper. Hmm…

    Weather must still be good, because you haven’t been posting very much lately!

  7. Hey There!
    Just checking in today, hope your Monday is fabulous!
    Isn’t the weather over the top amazing???? I am loving it soooo much!
    Bless you!
    Donna Lynn

  8. Tam

    Where EVER I live….I always have flowers even if it is on an apartment doorstep…tons of flowers. Plus it is a great stress release for me to be able to plant flowers and watch them grow! Plus when you leave you leave your little mark in this huge world! I always take pictures of my flowers or yards! I glad you had great weather. OOO love what you did to the electric candle! OOO I have tons of scrapbook paper too….I do scrapbook however but I will never ever use all the papper I own! lol lol Have a great week!

  9. Come to the dark side…start scrapbooking….

  10. Hi Cara,
    Hope your having a beautiful day today, we got rain here did you? Kinda glad to get the big drink for the gardens, it stopped raining at around 2:30 and then was sunny and warm again!

    Take care, post soon, missing you!
    Donna Lynn

  11. Tam

    Happy Thursday to YOU!

  12. Tam

    Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!!!!!!!!

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