Off the Island Today~~~!!!

I’m headed off the Island today!!  I’m headed to a few Thrift Stores and Fred Meyer.  They have full flats of Annual Flowers for 9.99!!  So, since its “supposed” to be nice for the rest of the week.. I’m gonna get planting!  I’ve decided that I just want a bunch of different colors this year.. Usually I go for a certain color, or colors.. this year, I just want LOTS of color!  The hubs and the kids got me Fushia’s for Mother’s Day.  2 hanging pots for either side of my garage.. so now I’m motivated!!  I’m hoping to find a few cool things at the Thrift Stores too~!!  I’ll report back on my progress!!!

Have a fun Hump Day~



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7 responses to “Off the Island Today~~~!!!

  1. Gina

    I usually go with one color too but I might try multicolors too. Enjoy the shopping!!

  2. Have fun and much luck at the thrift stores!!

  3. Tam

    I hope you had a great day off the Island!

  4. I am finally checking in, blogger was all weirded out today and I couldn’t post till just a bit ago!

    Hope you had a blast today, sounds like you are in the same mood I am, lets get some color in the garden PLEASE!!!!!!
    Today, we got up to 71′ and the darn old lawn finally dryed out by evening so I could mow! It was huge, like an out of control bad hair day, I had to mow twice just to get it looking good! HEAVENS!
    The rain just hasn’t let up for days and I was getting really cranky! Sure am praying we get the expected hot weather, let me know if you guys get the heat wave up there too, OK?

    Have a wonderful Thursday!
    Donna Lynn

  5. I wish you luck! 🙂

  6. So what did you get? I love planting new flowers in the spring!

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