Just Poppin In..

To say hi!  Everyone is gone tonight.. and I’m alone, with my very own copy of 27 Dresses~!!  You know what I’ll be doing~!!

  Tomorrow Ali and I are going to Orca’s Island for a Softball Game.  We’ve never been to the San Juan’s, so we are excited to go.. Here’s a little info on the Island. 

Orca’s Island

Hopefully I will get some fun pictures on the ferry and of the Island.. oh, and of course, the softball game!! 

  Sunday is Mother’s Day.. Of Course, I’m prepared!  I got my Mom a really cool hanging basket for her Patio.. and I bought steaks for my hubby to bbq on Sunday~!  Yeah, I always buy the steaks, I’m better at picking them out!!  (LOL!)

 Today has been a whirlwind.. we had to register the Motorcycle and get new licence plates.. we had to look for a place that will replace the back vinyl window in the Miata (don’t ask, just know it was Hubs that cracked it.. ugh) and had to shop for food for the weekend..

  Now.. I’m off to get my bread out of the bread machine (Parmesan/Garlic/Sun-Dried Tomatoes) and finish the pasta salad before everyone takes off for the night~!

  Have a FUN weekend.. and Happy Mother’s Day to all My Mom Peeps!



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10 responses to “Just Poppin In..

  1. Thanks for the tip on the 27 dresses – I was clueless about it til you mentioned it. I just googled it – looks fun!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Hey I have “27 Dresses” too! I’m looking forward to it. I also got “Dan in Real Life” and it was EXCELLENT.

  3. Have fun with your movie. Gotta have some chocolates with it though.

    Cara, I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day. Steaks are great to have. Every year my kids come over and they usually barbecue something. They all bring a dish, get into my cupboards and set the table and everything. What a day!

  4. Tam

    Happy Mother’s Day WEEKEND! Enjoy the STEAKS! Did you like 27 Dresses?

  5. Hey there Cara!
    I am praying you have a wonderful Mothers Day this Sunday!…also, that you don’t have to pick up dirty man clothes, wash dishes, clean anything or do laundry! (cause you know it will all be there come Monday morning when the rosy glow of MD is all over!!!)

    Blessings dear friend,
    Donna Lynn

    P.S. I loved 27 dresses. Victoria, her daughter Rachel and myself and Josh went to see Maid of Honor on Friday! It was wonderful! We laughed a ton…

  6. Cara

    Everyone.. Definitely watch 27 Dresses!!! It was a perfect Chick Flick!!! What a hoot.. and catch the end, for sure!!!

  7. Happy Mother’s Day to you too! I hope you have a wonderful day. That island looks really neat. Have fun!

  8. Hope you had a great mother’s day! I still haven’t seen that movie. HOW is that possible?? :o)

  9. Happy Mother’s Day (belated)

  10. Gina

    Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you Cara. I might just have to watch 27 dresses! That bread sounds DELICIOUS!!! Looking forward to the pictures.

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