Ta Da!!

Black ArmoireBig Black Beast.. that’s its nickname.. after getting it through the front door, and deciding it will never be moved (until we move that is)   The inside needs a few touch ups.. things we nicked getting it put back together.. but its inside, and its painted.. and I’m happy!!!  If you look at the picture below, you will see that I need to find something to do with the panels on the inside.  The back of the beadboard just isn’t cutting it.  I can’t decide whether to put some fabric in, or have Hubs get some more beadboard and line the inside too..  What do you think?? 



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5 responses to “Ta Da!!

  1. You forogt one word. BBBB Big Black Beautiful Beast.

  2. Jo

    Wow, that’s a gorgeous piece of furniture!

  3. It looks great!!! I love the crock on top, too. I have a fondness for crocks…since that is yet another collection I have. ::sigh::

  4. Wow! It looks fantastic! Really, it looks so great! Nice job.

    I think the inside doors would looks nice lined with some interesting fabric or scrapbook paper. Like a little surprise when you open the doors. Athough more beadboard would look great too.

    Big help, huh?

  5. Gina

    Oh my word…I LOVE it!!!

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