Cheetos for Breakfast!


Is that bad??  Probably, I don’t care.. it’s one of those days, one where I need Chocolate and Cheetos.. YOU know those days~!!  I have nothing to really write about today.  The Black Cabinet will be in tonight.. I can’t wait to see what it looks like.  It’s so bare in here right now!  I really  wish the sun would come out.. its sure yucky today!  I would finish up a few little painting projects that I’ve started.. just the shelves from my bedroom.  They’ve been sitting in the garage for a couple of months now.  I’ve just been tooooo lazy to finish them!  I put a chicken on to poach, I think we’ll have chicken and dumplings for dinner.. that sounds like a nice cold day meal!  I can’t believe I’m still cooking for cold days.. SHEESH, its MAY for crying out loud!!!  I think its around 42 degree’s and there’s a cool breeze coming in from the water.. brrrrrr!!!!

  Well, I’ve rambled enough.. I’ll try to post pictures later today or in the morning!





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10 responses to “Cheetos for Breakfast!

  1. It’s still cold where you are? We bought a pool last weekend and have been living with the a/c on for days. H-O-T!

    I’m all about snack foods for breakfast. Why just today I had Wasabi Mustard Kettle-Cooked chips! Breakfast of champions!

  2. It’s not bad here today – I can have the windows open until about 5 then it will be too cold again. It’s gloomy tho. Seems like if the sun is out it’s freezing, gloomy = warmish. WT?

    I think chicken & dumplings sounds WONDERFUL!

  3. Tam

    Well it is 80 here and I am Sun Burned! Yeppers from being in my bathing suit all day yesterday. OUR pools are open in our neighborhood and everyone is flocking to them! I look and feel like a lobster because it was so beautiful and I did not think I was getting SUN…but I got a bit over done. MY poor feet even are sunburned on top…you can see MY FLIP FLOP SUNBURN…heheh I hope the weather warms up for YOU soon!

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmm…cheetos. I hear ya. I’m having one of “those” days too. I just ate a bunch of fritos dipped in nutella. Sounds gross but don’t knock it. Sweet, salty and chocolate. Yum!

  5. Hey there!
    Hope you are getting a bit warmer weather now! We got 68′ yesterday and today it was around 63’…still a bit chilly when the wind comes up! I got some sun on my face and arms yesterday, dispite my Aubrey Organics SPF 15,(love that stuff, natural instead of slathering chemicals on your skin, YUKKY!), so it gives me hope of more warmth to come, right? Oh please say yes! I can’t stand the thought of any more cold like we have had…:(
    Hope you week is going wonderful, can’t wait to see your new black cabinet in and displayed!
    Big hugs to you girlfriend!
    Donna Lynn

  6. Hi , Thanks for visiting, My son and Daughter in Law live in Oak Harbor, Yep Donna and I are plantin, diggin, antiquin,thriftin, paintin,eatin,bloggin,baby birthin buddies, we go way back! Lets chat! Can’t wait to see the cabinet! Hugs Diana Lyn

  7. Lorena

    How fun is that, Cheetos…my fav!

    Boy that Donna Lynn gets around…lol isn’t she a doll. She found me, a native Washington Gal…but I live in Michigan. I grew up in Federal Way…and miss my mountain (Mt Rainier that is). Enjoy your new cabinet, it looks gorgeous and can’t wait to see how your hutch turns out. Fabulous find!
    Have a blessed day…Lorena

  8. I’ve frequently had cheetos for dinner…so why not for breakfast? Yum! I like the puffy kind.

  9. It’s been chilly the past two days. Last weekend it was beautiful. So much for global warming.

    I don’t know about Cheetos for breakfast though.

    I took down The Empty Nest site. Both blogs were just a tad too much for me. I didn’t find the people on Blogspot to be as friendly as the people on WordPress. Maybe it was all the hoops you had to go through just to leave a comment.

    I was going to stop blogging at 4urpets also. I just ran out of stories about my dogs. Gina at Gina’s Public Diary convinced me to stay. She said that if I posted every 4-5 days, or even 10 days would be better than me not blogging (or something like that). I am going to stay, but just not post as much.

  10. Yummy, I do love Cheetos! Thanks for coming by to comment on “Square or Round? Part Due” I am having so much fun digging around your old posts!

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