DoorsHere are the doors and part of the cabinet..  We painted all day yesterday~!!  I will be out there waxing away today.. and hopefully have it move it in tonight.. I will post pictures tomorrow~  Whoo Hoo!!

 Entertainment CenterHere’s a little better picture of the cabinet..

China Cabinet

And.. We picked this up for $95.00.  We are going to take off the hardware, and paint it.  I’m thinking a cream color.   I’d like to take the glass out and put some fabric in there.  I think it would look cute with a red and cream or black and cream gingham.  Give me your thoughts~



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9 responses to “Progress…

  1. OH girlllllll I’m LOVING IT!!!! GASP!! LOVE IT!! you brighten my day!! you’re so creative… My home is chuck full of furniture.. so I’m going to live through you!!!

  2. You’re busy today! Two posts!

    And I can’t wait to see the cabinet when it’s all finished. I can’t tell you how many times I see cabinets just like that on craigslist for dirt cheap. I always wonder if a coat of paint would be enough to update them.

    So here’s a dumb question. I paint alot of furniture but it usually just involves a brush, a roller or a can of spray paint. What are you doing with wax?


  3. Oh good grief. I’m such a ding-a-ling. I just realized that those are clearly two different cabinets.

    I’ll look forward to seeing them both completed. What did the first one look like when you started?

  4. Cara

    Here is the link to what the black cabinet started out as..

    It was a Mexican Rustic Pine Cabinet some friends of ours gave to us. Don’t worry, they know I was going to paint it!!!

    I use Johnson’s Paste Wax as a finish on my painted Furniture.. After it’s painted and dried, you just wax it like you wax a car. It gives a nice sheen, but not shine, and is really durable.

  5. Thanks for the heads-up Kimba, I didn’t “get it” that they were two different cabinets either.

    So now I’m all corn-fused (Iowa and all). Are you painting the brown cabinet too or just the hardward and putting in fabric?

    Instead of taking out the glass, I might do wallpaper on the back instead of fabric, but it would depend on the room it goes in. Can we see that then we can better help?

    I’m not sure about painting the hardware…..I think cream is going to stick out like a sore thumb (what about flat black?). Again I need to see the room it will be in – I’m a visual-aid girl. Sorry.

  6. So does the wax work best on flat paint?

  7. Tam

    Wow I would never ever attempt anything like that…YOU are such my hero! I can not wait to see the whole thing finished!

  8. Going to be fun to see this finished. I love black furniture – well I just plain love painted furniture.

    Hugs – karen

  9. I too would paint this Heirloom white or some color that is similar, then I would paint the back of the cabinet a punchy color so the things you put inside will really POP off of it! That is why I painted the cabinet Don built me in my dining room cream and then red on the beadboard…loved the look of the transferware against the red paint!
    Hugs, Donna Lynn

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