And SHE found ME!!!

Here is how it all started..
Country Sampler on the Coffee TableI got the latest issue of Country Sampler.. I’ve been a subscriber for a long time.  I love it!  I’m all set to sit down and look through the pictures.. I always look through the pictures first, then go back and read. 

So, I move over to the chair..On the chair Don’t look at the towel on the floor!  I’m busy reading!! 

   I scour through the house pictures..  Oh Pretty
Country Sampler Article

Then do a little “window shopping” PhotobucketI LOVE This website.. mental not to go there later on…

Then, its getting late.. I get ready for bed.. but bring my Country Sampler with me.. and turn to this page..
 On the bedOh my.. what a cool room.. let me read on.. oh, she’s from Washington.. how fun!  I read the story.. she’s from Port Orchard, where I used to live!  All of a sudden, Ali calls, she’s got soap in her eyes.. needs help in the tub!  I don’t drop my issue.. I bring it with me!
On the side of the tub  Oooh la la, look at all of that red transferwarre!!!  I LOVE IT~!!

  Eventually I had to go to sleep.. I finished reading the article first though.. and then here I was, the next morning..
 with my coffeeMy friends are sick and tired of looking at my issue of Country Sampler and me telling them how I used to live in this town, etc… Sick I tell ya.. but wait, there’s more…

So.. fast forward to last week!  I get an email alert saying I need to approve a comment on this blog.. I click on it.. read it.. and click on her blog.. and WHO IS IT????  OMG.. it’s my Donna Lynn from Port Orchard.. from the Country Sampler! 

Here’s what she wrote to me..

On April 29, 2008 at 6:44 pm Donna Lynn Said:

Hi, I just saw your comment on a blog and saw that you had lived here in Port Orchard! Hopefully one in the same in Washington??? I live in PO and would love to visit…
Donna Lynn”

SHE want’s to visit with ME?????  Whoa.. its just like maybe Oprah knocked on my door and said she’d like to come in and visit.. that is how exciting it was for me!  She found my blog~!!  Small bloggie world isn’t it??

Thanks Donna Lynn for becoming one of my blog buddies!!!



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6 responses to “And SHE found ME!!!

  1. Jealous, seriously jealous.

    Have you set up a day/time to meet yet?

  2. Don’t you just LOVE her??? I was flipping through the Country Sampler magazine at Joanns the other day and it opened right to her article. It was like I was SUPPOSED to read it! lol Her beautiful house aside, I can tell she’s good people. Anyone named Donna is a-okay in my book! (My best friend is named Donna…oh I miss her!)

  3. Gina

    That’s exciting. And that magazine looks so wonderful. I’ve never heard of it but must have one.

  4. Tam

    OOO how cool is that and awesome!!!! See me doing the happy dance just for you and hey it is a scary thing to see me do the happy dance!

  5. You precious girl you!!!! That is the sweetest thing you did by posting that on your blog! (BTW, you are going to have to come over and pop my big fat head now!)

    I have been outside non-stop, and did not see this post till May 5th at 12midnight!!! I am so sorry I missed this when you first did it, I checked on Sat. when it was raining to beat the band but you hadn’t posted a new one yet, then low and behold, (angels singing),IT WAS SUNNY! Today too, it was a miracle I tell you, a miracle! I worked like crazy knowing it is suppose to rain again tomorrow and not let up till Friday, 😦 I was making Hay While the Sun Shines!

    I will go up to your next post and comment there too, cause I love your new cabinet, it will be so wonderful when you are all done! It is a labor of love to paint something that big and I know this from a lot of experience…

    Big Big Hugs!!!!!!!
    Donna Lynn

  6. How fun – hope you get together and it would be really fun to see her house in real life, LOL. I LOVE that magazine as well and so excited when I see it in the mailbox.

    Hugs – Karen

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