A FUN award!

My Friend Kathy over at KathylikesPink gave me this award..  And.. it’s sooooooo fun!  I’m just starting to get out my flip flops for the season.. just need to get a pedicure so I have cute toes!

  Anywho… Here is my fun award!  Thank You Kathy!  You made my day~


So.. who shall I pass it onto?

  Definitely Flip Flop Mom.. what a perfect award for her and her fun blog~!

  And.. Donna Lynn, my new blogging friend who lives here in the Pac NW.. we need some flip flop weather.. You can visit her over at Blushing Rose Antiques   I have a whole post that I’m working on about her!

  Finally.. Tam over at MommaSong  She’s a fellow military spouse.. and I get a kick out of her blog!


Happy Spring Everyone.. and wear your Flip Flops!!



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7 responses to “A FUN award!

  1. Cute! I need to get some cute ones. Do they hurt inbetween your toes? I’m always worried about that.

  2. You doll you! Thank you so much, I have one for you too! I am suppose to pass out the E for Excellence to my top 10 blogs, and of course you are one of them, so pop over and right click it to yours!
    Hope you are having an awesome weekend, the weather sure sucks though! Suppose to clear up tomorrow and Monday, prayers going up sister.
    I can’t wait to see what you say about me on your blog, never had that happen yet! What an honor! Thank you! (have you ever seen a person use so many exclamation points as I do!!!!!!?????) 🙂
    Big Hugs, Donna Lynn

  3. Tam

    OOO just what I needed right now!!! How did you know? LOL OK I have a Question how do you get the imagine I tried to copy and paste and it did not??? Just wondering….I will have to figure it out….I wear flip flops almost all winter here in GA! LOL LOL OOO again thanks and YOU ROCK! Like your blog too! IT made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me I needed this little pick me up esp since hubs is at the BALL!

  4. LOL LOL LOL.. this is AWESOME!!! I have never seen this… oh my.. you made my day.. it was long and busy and tiring.. so nice to open my e-mail and come to your blog and see this.. You’re a DOLL!!!!

  5. I wear flip flops 365 days a year. Okay, maybe 360 days a year. About 5 days I wear boots that embarrass my peeps. Whatevs. :o) I already have a serious flip flop tan line on my feet. I should photograph it. lol

  6. Tam

    Got it on my blog….thank YOU….LOVE IT

  7. Mmm…I love wearing flip flops!

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