Are you a lid licker?

key lime pie yogurt   I am!!  I want to get all of my Key Lime Pie Yogurt out of there~!!  This has got to be my favorite snack!  I’m sitting here, staring at the lid.. wondering, does anyone else do this???  Or am I just weird???




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10 responses to “Are you a lid licker?

  1. Yep, I lick the lids and Sissy licks the rest of the stuff after I have eaten it. We make a good licking team!

  2. Licking lids was always a hobby of mine. Then, one day, I licked a lid in front of my child’s friend. It would appear that my child was scarred for life.

  3. Umm.. you are just weird.

    I’ll lick the tops from pudding! :o)

  4. No, but I’m a bottom scraper.

  5. Tam

    Sometimes if there is lots on the lid. LOL This was a funny post!!!

  6. Gina

    Of course I lick the lids. I’ve never tried the Key Lime Pie one but I’ve had many others! I’ll try that next. 🙂

  7. I don’t do it but I think most people do..?

  8. You are not weird at all, I lick lids too!!!!
    So, if I lick lids, and you lick lids, then we are normal right?? SEE….told ya!
    Keep on licking sister!
    Hope you are having warmer weather up there then us, it is only 58′ out today! BROTHER, what is wrong with this picture? I want warm sunny days, I have a ton of things to paint, you should see my list! It is lonnnnngggggg…
    Well, better go figure out dinner for tonight, hubby is always ready to eat the rear out of a bear when he gets home!
    Hugs to you my kindred spirit,
    Donna Lynn

  9. Thanks for stopping by to visit me! Great to meet another furniture painter. My hubby thinks it’s an illness. 😉
    And yes, I’m a lid licker too.

  10. You got to use up every penny you spend.. right??? LOL LOL.. I am too!!!

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