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I’m here!!

Having major problems with my internet.. trying to get them fixed!  Hopefully I’ll be back online this weekend!!

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!!!


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Wow.. can you tell that our weather has improved?  I spent ALLL DAAAY outside yesterday.. it was WONDERFUL~!!  The sun,  oh how I’ve missed the sun.. AND, its shining again today!!!!  Its supposed to get close to 90 in Seattle today.. WOW!  It will probably only be in the high 70’s up here, but I’m thankful for it!

  My adventure off the Island the other day was just that.. it was raining, pouring down rain actually.. so I was in and out of every place very quickly!   I did find a big square of fabric that could possible lead to a Mistreatment for my living room windows… Hmm.. just gotta find the right fabric to go with it.. The hunt is on!! I paid 2.99 for it.


I also found this cute little lamp.. for 1.99!

lamp  Here is the top.. it’s an electric candle.  It had a really ugly sleeve around it, so I fixed that with everyone’s favorite thing.. Scrapbook Paper!  Funny how I have a lot of it, yet, I don’t scrapbook!

lampHere’s where it’s living right now.. I may change that.. but it looks great on my Antique Sewing Machine.

  I got TONS of flowers!!  They had 4 packs of Annuals for 1.00.  I got Begonias, Petunias, Marigolds, and a few other things that were new to me.. I spent yesterday planting and will finish up today.. gotta be out in that sunshine!  I will take some pictures when I get done.  I have 2 baskets that I need to get the coconut fiber fillers for.. and I want to hang them on Sheperd’s Hooks in the front yard.  I need to get those too.  I will do a little at a time.  I need to get some fertilizer.  The best thing I’ve found to use up here is a 16-16-16 Multipurpose Fertilizer.  I used it in Port Orchard when we lived there and my Petunias grew into BUSHES!  I’m just hoping for a lot of color!!  My neighbors were looking at me like I was crazy.. most people don’t do much with their yards in housing.. I always feel that where ever we live, it’s home, and I treat it that way~!!

    I’m off to bathe the doggies.. they are shedding like crazy!  Then heading out to plant!  I will update with pictures when I’m finished!

Have a Happy Friday!!!!


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Off the Island Today~~~!!!

I’m headed off the Island today!!  I’m headed to a few Thrift Stores and Fred Meyer.  They have full flats of Annual Flowers for 9.99!!  So, since its “supposed” to be nice for the rest of the week.. I’m gonna get planting!  I’ve decided that I just want a bunch of different colors this year.. Usually I go for a certain color, or colors.. this year, I just want LOTS of color!  The hubs and the kids got me Fushia’s for Mother’s Day.  2 hanging pots for either side of my garage.. so now I’m motivated!!  I’m hoping to find a few cool things at the Thrift Stores too~!!  I’ll report back on my progress!!!

Have a fun Hump Day~


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Just Poppin In..

To say hi!  Everyone is gone tonight.. and I’m alone, with my very own copy of 27 Dresses~!!  You know what I’ll be doing~!!

  Tomorrow Ali and I are going to Orca’s Island for a Softball Game.  We’ve never been to the San Juan’s, so we are excited to go.. Here’s a little info on the Island. 

Orca’s Island

Hopefully I will get some fun pictures on the ferry and of the Island.. oh, and of course, the softball game!! 

  Sunday is Mother’s Day.. Of Course, I’m prepared!  I got my Mom a really cool hanging basket for her Patio.. and I bought steaks for my hubby to bbq on Sunday~!  Yeah, I always buy the steaks, I’m better at picking them out!!  (LOL!)

 Today has been a whirlwind.. we had to register the Motorcycle and get new licence plates.. we had to look for a place that will replace the back vinyl window in the Miata (don’t ask, just know it was Hubs that cracked it.. ugh) and had to shop for food for the weekend..

  Now.. I’m off to get my bread out of the bread machine (Parmesan/Garlic/Sun-Dried Tomatoes) and finish the pasta salad before everyone takes off for the night~!

  Have a FUN weekend.. and Happy Mother’s Day to all My Mom Peeps!


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Gotta love the Hubs…

This morning  This is what I woke up to this morning.. He was leaving a trail he said.. I just say he didn’t want me not have anything to do today.. LOL!!!  But then, he brought me Rolo’s (chocolate!!) and Diet Dr. Pepper~!  What could be better???  Man, I love that Man!!!


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Ta Da!!

Black ArmoireBig Black Beast.. that’s its nickname.. after getting it through the front door, and deciding it will never be moved (until we move that is)   The inside needs a few touch ups.. things we nicked getting it put back together.. but its inside, and its painted.. and I’m happy!!!  If you look at the picture below, you will see that I need to find something to do with the panels on the inside.  The back of the beadboard just isn’t cutting it.  I can’t decide whether to put some fabric in, or have Hubs get some more beadboard and line the inside too..  What do you think?? 


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Cheetos for Breakfast!


Is that bad??  Probably, I don’t care.. it’s one of those days, one where I need Chocolate and Cheetos.. YOU know those days~!!  I have nothing to really write about today.  The Black Cabinet will be in tonight.. I can’t wait to see what it looks like.  It’s so bare in here right now!  I really  wish the sun would come out.. its sure yucky today!  I would finish up a few little painting projects that I’ve started.. just the shelves from my bedroom.  They’ve been sitting in the garage for a couple of months now.  I’ve just been tooooo lazy to finish them!  I put a chicken on to poach, I think we’ll have chicken and dumplings for dinner.. that sounds like a nice cold day meal!  I can’t believe I’m still cooking for cold days.. SHEESH, its MAY for crying out loud!!!  I think its around 42 degree’s and there’s a cool breeze coming in from the water.. brrrrrr!!!!

  Well, I’ve rambled enough.. I’ll try to post pictures later today or in the morning!




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I want her life…



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DoorsHere are the doors and part of the cabinet..  We painted all day yesterday~!!  I will be out there waxing away today.. and hopefully have it move it in tonight.. I will post pictures tomorrow~  Whoo Hoo!!

 Entertainment CenterHere’s a little better picture of the cabinet..

China Cabinet

And.. We picked this up for $95.00.  We are going to take off the hardware, and paint it.  I’m thinking a cream color.   I’d like to take the glass out and put some fabric in there.  I think it would look cute with a red and cream or black and cream gingham.  Give me your thoughts~


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And SHE found ME!!!

Here is how it all started..
Country Sampler on the Coffee TableI got the latest issue of Country Sampler.. I’ve been a subscriber for a long time.  I love it!  I’m all set to sit down and look through the pictures.. I always look through the pictures first, then go back and read. 

So, I move over to the chair..On the chair Don’t look at the towel on the floor!  I’m busy reading!! 

   I scour through the house pictures..  Oh Pretty
Country Sampler Article

Then do a little “window shopping” PhotobucketI LOVE This website.. mental not to go there later on…

Then, its getting late.. I get ready for bed.. but bring my Country Sampler with me.. and turn to this page..
 On the bedOh my.. what a cool room.. let me read on.. oh, she’s from Washington.. how fun!  I read the story.. she’s from Port Orchard, where I used to live!  All of a sudden, Ali calls, she’s got soap in her eyes.. needs help in the tub!  I don’t drop my issue.. I bring it with me!
On the side of the tub  Oooh la la, look at all of that red transferwarre!!!  I LOVE IT~!!

  Eventually I had to go to sleep.. I finished reading the article first though.. and then here I was, the next morning..
 with my coffeeMy friends are sick and tired of looking at my issue of Country Sampler and me telling them how I used to live in this town, etc… Sick I tell ya.. but wait, there’s more…

So.. fast forward to last week!  I get an email alert saying I need to approve a comment on this blog.. I click on it.. read it.. and click on her blog.. and WHO IS IT????  OMG.. it’s my Donna Lynn from Port Orchard.. from the Country Sampler! 

Here’s what she wrote to me..

On April 29, 2008 at 6:44 pm Donna Lynn Said:

Hi, I just saw your comment on a blog and saw that you had lived here in Port Orchard! Hopefully one in the same in Washington??? I live in PO and would love to visit…
Donna Lynn”

SHE want’s to visit with ME?????  Whoa.. its just like maybe Oprah knocked on my door and said she’d like to come in and visit.. that is how exciting it was for me!  She found my blog~!!  Small bloggie world isn’t it??

Thanks Donna Lynn for becoming one of my blog buddies!!!


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