A view from here..

Blue Sky??Here is the view from my backyard..  This is the view from my living room too.. our living room looks out of the back of the house.

 CloserHere is the backyard view from my across the street neighbor’s house.  I’m jealous.. I wish I had that view, I may appreciate it a little more up here.  Right before I took this picture, there was a bald eagle flying right above those bushes.. he flew away when he saw me.

 View of the water from my driveway This is how I see the water.. that’s the house there on the right.. the yellow one.  They are moving soon.. I wish I could move across the street~

Okay.. done pouting.. at least for now~~!! 



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12 responses to “A view from here..

  1. Tam

    Wow that is an awesome view!!!! I agree I would want that view!!!!! Our house has a weird set up our living room and kitchen are in the back of the house. I am liking it though.

  2. Charmingdesigns

    I sure enjoyed your blog..I’ll have to back and see where you are from…washington?? or you could just come by and let me know 🙂 Laurie

  3. Your view is amazing, how do you like living in Oak Harbor? Are you there because of you or hubbys job? Wish you could move here and be my next door neighbor, wouldn’t that be fun? We could kick the people out behind me, they have an ugly yard and have let their house go too…that was not nice of me, true! but not nice! I want you to have me email so we can talk some more: buildingchick21@yahoo.com
    Hugs, Donna Lynn

  4. Oh.my.lord both of those view are gorgeous!

  5. OOH! The mountain was out! :o) That’s what we used to say when we could see Mt. Rainier when I lived in Bremerton. There is NOTHING like that view! Okay, maybe the view of driving over the bridge going into Newport, RI. I loved that too… Anyway! The views are gorgeous from all sides in Washington!

  6. Are you spoiled or what? Those are magnificent views. I too have my living room at the back of my house. That way I can see my beautiful back yard instead of the ugly street with cars on them.

  7. Hi, I am a friend of Donna Lyns and I was on her site and saw your post, and you live in Oak Harbor! My second Home, I live in Port Orcahrd also and My daughter and son live in Oak harbor, They live on Stephens street! just out of town twords the ferry! Have a great day! Diana Lyn! One of the Lyn Sisters!

  8. Oh my word! Simply majestic!
    Sandra Evertson

  9. As a transplanted Pacific Northwest native, ALL your pictures make me very homesick!!!

    Great idea to post. Maybe we should create a meme of everyone’s view from their kitchen windows….

  10. Christine

    I love reading your blog! My husband is in the Navy. We have orders to Oak Harbor! So is that what the housing looks like on base? Is that Crescent Harbor or Maylor Point? (I’ve been doing a lil research =) I was just wondering what it was like to live there? What are the people like? And how big are the houses on base? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  11. Gina

    OH! You are so fortunate!!! Both views are beautiful. To look out and see that every day would be like a dream!

  12. Lorena

    Hi…was just vising Donna Lynn’s blog and saw yours…I am a native born (Seattle) Washingtonian, that lives now in Michigan…and BOY do I miss the majestic views. Those Olympics are just breathtaking! And of course I miss Mt Rainier…my folks live close (Buckley) to it so when I visit I am so refreshed…cause you see, there just are not any *Views* in Michigan! Well, not like Washington anyway,lol. Thanks for the pictures so I could have a little taste of home..even if it is a picture.

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