A lost post..

I had a big long post that I wrote yesterday.. not really about anything, just random ramblings.  I saved it.. and its gone!  I checked in this morning and it’s lost in cyberspace somewhere.. lol! 

  Anywhoo.. here Iam today, just THANKFUL that its Friday~  Its been a looong two weeks.  My kids have been taking the WASL; Washington Assessment of Student Learning.  For 2 WEEKS!!  Lordy.. a mom can only make SO many good breakfasts… I will be so happy to serve up a big bowl of Fruit Loops on Monday!  (Not really, they only get sugary cereal on weekends, healthier cereals or oatmeal on weekdays.. but you get the point)  I’ve cooked breakfast burritos, biscuits, eggs, sausage, gravy, toast, waffles, and pancakes.. and I’m sick of it!  I’m not even awake most mornings when I’m making Jojo’s breakfast.  I mean, his bus leaves at 6:55, so at 6:15 I’m making Gravy???   Crazy!!  I’m done!  I get it, I mean I really get it.. a healthy breakfast is really good for you, good for you to take important tests on a full belly.. I get it!  But, my kids are NOT morning people.  They want a quick bowl of cereal, oatmeal, a bagel.. something like that and off they go.  They both are allowed to have a healthy snack between the start of school and lunchtime (usually an apple or pretzels) so they are not thrilled with the Healthy Hearty Breakfasts every day either!  Last weekend they begged for Cereal!!  And, I happily indulged them in Cocoa Puffs!!  Does that make me a bad Mom???  Please.. give me your opinions on this issue~!  I’d love to hear what everyone else does in the mornings. 

  And… We’ve finally decided what we are doing with this!!

Entertainment Center  I can’t seem to re-size this without it getting distorted.. You will find my post about it here:  I have to laugh.  You will notice that this post was back in January~!  So, what, what are you gonna do??  I told you I’m lazy!!  We are going to replace the hardware; taking off all of the Southwestern Style stuff (it doesn’t GO with my other furniture) and replace the panels with beadboard.  Then.. we will paint it black!!  Suprise, suprise!  WE (meaning hubs) decided that one more huge piece of black furniture wouldn’t make us look like the Aadam’s Family.. (I stole that quote from Stephanie @ The Hearts of Hearmann and this post)  We have to wait for a nice weekend, but that is the plan.  So, this weekend we are buying the beadboard and new hardware.  We are going to Lowe’s.. (which means we’ll be off this Island!!! YEAH!!!) in Everett.  Jojo has a game in Mukilteo (say that five times fast!!) so we will be there anyway.  We will also eat at CHIPOTLE!!!!  And I’ll be eating this:  A Chipotle Chicken Fajita Bowl… in all of its calorie filled goodness!  I love thier rice.. I could eat it by the bucket!  (what does that say about my endless quest for weight loss???)  Speaking of rice: did you hear that there is a worldwide shortage of rice???  Did you know that every person on Whidbey Island realized this yesterday and CLEARED OUT our Commissary of Rice???  There wasn’t ONE SINGLE BAG!!!   Ooops.. remember, I have ADD, and tend to go off topic…  Armoire, or was it baseball I was talking about??  I don’t remember.  Is it Friday??  YES!!  Anyway.. we are going off Island tomorrow afternoon, going to baseball, going to Lowe’s and going to Chipotle.. did I cover everything?

  Tomorrow in our town is the yearly Holland Happenings parade.  My kids are both Marching in this parade with their teams.  How did we get so integrated into our community here that my kids are in a parade??  lol!!  So, before the baseball, Lowe’s, Chipotle trip.. we will be at the parade!  Here is a link to an article about the event:  Oak Harbor Holland Happening.

  Sooo.. what are YOU doing this weekend????






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6 responses to “A lost post..

  1. I’ve got a busy weekend. Volunteering at the local city festival to work in my company’s booth. Also got to do some shopping of new spring clothing for my fiance (he majorly needs some new shorts). Going to play World of Warcraft and then on Sunday going to a friends house to watch “Backlash” a WWE pay-per-view event.

  2. Cara,

    While I was reading your post, I tried to think back when my kids were going to school. I have always worked, so I was just as busy as they were trying to get out of the house on time. I used to make really quick stuff like oatmeal, and regular cereal (no sugary stuff). My son used to love All bran mixed with yogurt. He used to think it was dessert.

    So here are the quick things that they used to get for breakfast:

    Oatmeal, toast, fruit like cantaloupe, strawberries, honeydew melon, or fruit juice, frozen waffles, anything that was quick.

  3. Have a fun weekend!! We have a Hail and Farewell we have to go to tomorrow. I hate mandatory fun. Sunday my son has a bday party to attend. Carrots had a guy at work give him 14 boxes of laminate flooring so he is itching to redo a floor somewhere in this house. He’s kind of insane.

    As far as breakfasts go… my kids get breakfasts free at school- courtesy of the state. But do they eat it? No. So they get waffles or yogurt or fruit or smoothies or…cereal every day. My kids aren’t huge breakfast eaters. Thankfully they don’t leave as early as your kids do though. YIKES! My kids don’t even get up until 7 am!

  4. Tam

    My little boys 2 and 4 are not morning kids and when they wake up it takes about an hour before they will eat. When they are ready to eat it is usually ceral, toast, or yogurt. That is it. They will not eat eggs, bacon or waffles , pancakes. I love breakfast and I offer these things all the time and no they just will not eat it. So I give them what they will eat….anyway isn’t Ceral a FOOD GROUP…LOL LOL LOL.

    Well I hope you weekend was great and we visited LOWES three times this weekend and I hope you trip to Lowes was better than ours. Our Lowes here is so so busy.

    HOPE you have a GREAT WEEK!

  5. Gina

    These days, children’s cereals are SO nutricious that you are a great Mom to serve them cereal. I’ve got a box of cookie crisp in my kitchen now that I’ve been eating. The added nutrients are amazing. It’s probably the only time I eat healthy. 🙂
    I LOVE beadboard!

  6. First I want to say I hat when a post vanishes in thin air. Second I have to say a big “No” no you are not a bad mommy. Your children are very lucky you care about fixing breakfast. I have known some mothers that don’t bother. And some who throw them pop tarts as they head out the door.
    Have you ever thought a quick way to fix a good breakfast. I have made french toast the night before and heated them in the oven in the morning. Slice some fruit the night before and give it to them with the toast. It’s an easy way to feed healthy. You seem like you are a wonderful caring mother.

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