When life hands you lemons…


I was tagged by Marie over at Watch the Wind Blow By to do this When life hands you lemons meme~ 
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Let me see… hmm… most of my lemons come to me courtesy of the United States Navy.  Lets just say we’ve gotten quite used to drinking Lemonade..lol!
  My best example has to be when I just went home.  We were leaving Illinois after 5, yes 5 years of Recruiting duty in 2001.   Hubs was going to the USS Carl Vinson in Bremerton, WA, I went home.  He was due to deploy not too long after getting to Bremerton (this wasn’t the plan when we got the orders.. he wasn’t supposed to deploy for a year.. plenty of time to get settled in before leaving,)  so my Mom just said to come home and move up when he got back.  The kids and I were disappointed with not being able to be together before the deployment, but he came to visit a few times and we made 2 trips to San Diego while they were finalizing their workups.  Hubs set out on deployment in July.  They made a few stops.. Hawaii, Singapore, Thailand.. then onto the Gulf.  Then our world changed.. Sept. 11.   I have never been so happy to be home.  I was so glad that I was home.  I had the support of my family and friends.  I was so happy that we made Lemonade…
This is an open tag.. I’d love to hear your stories.. tell me if you repost!


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7 responses to “When life hands you lemons…

  1. Amazing story. 9/11 touched so many people it’s overwhelming sometimes to hear the endless stories. I’m glad you were safe!

  2. Great story! I’m a sucker for a good military spouse story. :o)

  3. Was that a great story or what? I have to think about my lemon/lemonade story for my post. I know I have one somewhere. 🙂

  4. Tam

    HI and thanks for stopping by my blog esp my Mully Grubs and the Crocs Rock post! MY husband is Army. lol so you get me! LOL My hubs was deployed for 18 months to Iraq. I like this post. I was alone as my hubs was away training for 6 months when this happened and my family was 12 hours away. Well I am going to catch up on your blog….I am enjoying it tons! Again thanks for stopping by on MINE!

  5. Tam

    You are totally funny! I have been sitting here reading your blog and have not even made breakfast for my kids! I have laughed my butt off! I will be checking in often on you!

  6. Tam

    I noticed you are very close to my age…I am 39 but will be 40 in Dec. Your blog is totally cracking me UP!

  7. Wow that’s quite a story.

    I seriously dated a Navy man for a few years. Alas, we were not meant to be. I have total respect for the military and their spouses. And, lots of ADMIRATION.

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