Did I say that I HATE HATE HATE the new WordPress layout.  Adding stuff is just a pain in the arse!!  I used to upload pictures wherever I wanted.. now I have to be more careful, and thoughtful (which I’m usually not) in my writing.  Carefully planning out my typing and adding pictures.. that is just not me!!  So, I’m off to find someone on the wordpress forums that can help me figure it out~!!!

Here is my company during the process.. notice how helpfull they both are… Must be nice to be sleeping the day away!!!

Sullivan and Sophia

Don’t ask me how I actually got this picture where I wanted it.. it involved a lot of copying and pasting.. neither of which I’m fond of.. ARGH!!!! 

**Don’t pay attention to the bottom of that chair.. its in need of repair, it’s been repaired a few times.. but Sullivan gets under there all of the time and keeps ripping it.. I need some stronger fabric!!


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  1. I have the same problem. I don’t know what to do about it. If you learn anything, let us know in you post.

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