Did I mention I’m blonde..

Hoosier beforeWell, not a natural blonde, but as a famous blonde once said.. “Some people are born blonde.. Some people are born to BE blonde”  I fall into the second category.  I don’t know.. maybe its ADD, maybe its just I’m lazy.. I’ve mentioned that all before..

  Anywhoo.. I promised Shannon at Bless Our Nest that I would post my favorite flea market find. I forgot.. (see above paragraph)  It has to be my Hoosier Cabinet.  I bought it last Spring Break at a flea market near Jonesboro, Arkansas.  We were visiting my Dad’s family and the “Outlaws” *stolen from Marie*.  I had been on the hunt for one for years.. and I knew once we moved to Washington, I wouldn’t have as many chances to find one.  So, part of the 10 days we were there was spent scouring flea markets, junk stores.. anywhere to find one.. and we found 2!  We had our trailer with us.. so we strapped them both on and headed home to Colorado.  They both sat in the garage for 2 weeks before I even touched them.  They were in BAAAAAD condition; bugs, spiderwebs, dirt, OLD drawer liners.. you name it.. it was bad!!  Then, I SHOCKED Hubs and said.. “I want it to be black”  All he could think.. ANYONE who is a antique freak is rolling with sickness at the thought I would do such a thing!!!  So.. we cleaned, sanded, sanded, sanded.. did I mention sanded??   I think there were about 10 coats of paint.. and got it down to a paintable surface.  We took things apart, the “crown” on top was dry-rotted,  ordered parts, black Paint was purchased and a tub of Johnson’s Paste Wax.  (I love that stuff.. I’ll never use any other kind of finish)  We painted, and painted .. and painted.  I took the enamel top to a place to get fixed (Cream and Barn Red.)  You can’t see the finished top in the picture.. I have a runner on there.  The movers scratched the crap out of it, and I have yet to find a place up here that can fix it.  So, it will stay covered up until then.  We painted the other one white and sold it.. I don’t have pictures of it 😦  but here is what mine looks like now~!!


  I use it to store kitchen items, cookbooks, extra dishes.. it’s Great!!

I also forgot to post pictures of my Dining Room Chandelier for Marie.. She was in the process of getting a new one for her Dining Room and now she’s got it, and got the shades for it.. it looks great!!  Here’s Mine..

I had shades for it.. but they just didn’t look right in the room (its so small), so I bought these berry rings for it, and I love it!!

So.. now I’m off to shower and enjoy the Sunbreaks that we are supposed to get today.. the dogs are begging for a walk!!!



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9 responses to “Did I mention I’m blonde..

  1. I was born a blonde. :o)

    And. Oh. My. God. You have a HOOSIER cabinet??? I have coveted that very item for YEAAAARS. My husband’s ex-wife’s mother (did I lose you?) has one that I loooove. (I love my husband’s ex-wife’s mother…I wish I could swap her for my mother outlaw-which by the way- I stole that term from someone else! ha ha)I love yours just as much. I love anything and everything black! The chandelier is very, very cute! I have one in my bathroom that is the same one, I think. Except it’s not black. lol

  2. Wow!! That looks so good! I love those cabinets. I would have painted it black too. 🙂 I have some beaded things in my kitchen chandelier too. Its so fun! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I also looked at every Hoosier that was in an antique shop. Does yours hold flour? Here in California, they didn’t sell them for less than $1,000.00. I stopped looking after awhile. But I still dream. You are such a great furniture restorer. I’m scared of you!

  4. Cara,

    I have something for you at 4urpets.

  5. Wow, that is cool!

    If you don’t mind saying, how much did it cost?

  6. Hello! I found you through Kathryn at 4urpets. I love your cabinet and have also coveted one. I finally got an old pie safe (not with pierced tin though) that belonged to my husband’s aunt. I use it for cookbooks, a part of my Shawnee pottery collection and a small microwave. I would still love to have a cabinet like yours. I love the way you fixed it up.

  7. Gina

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that cabinet and the way you redid it!!!! Now I want one. Hehe I love the chandelier too.

  8. it looks amazing! I look forward to owning a home, so I can fill it with treasures such as this!

  9. I think it looks fantastic!! Can I be nosey though??? Can I ask you how much you paid for yours?? ( you can e-mail me if you want)… I have a friend who just bought one.. or is in the process and I want to see if she’s getting a good deal!!!

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